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FNAF Pizza Party codes

Can you survive five nights?

A scary looking bear-shaped animatronic in the Roblox game FNAF Pizza Party.
Image credit: VG247/Pizza Party Game

FNAF Pizza Party is a Roblox game inspired by the popular Five Nights at Freddy's survival horror series. You'll team up with other players as you look to survive five nights in a creepy Pizzaplex, where terrifying animatronics are lurking and waiting to hunt you.

To clear each map, you'll need to complete objectives and pick up collectibles while being chased by an enemy. If you keep losing and finding yourself on the end of a jumpscare, after one of the creepy animatronics manages to grab you, then you can redeem some FNAF Pizza Party codes to help you out. Codes offer free cash, which is needed to buy new perks that will help you survive for longer.

Working FNAF Pizza Party codes

  • 100LIKES: $500
  • FNAFMOVIE: $1,000

Expired FNAF Pizza Party codes

Currently, there are no expired codes for FNAF Pizza Party.

How to redeem FNAF Pizza Party codes

Here's how you can redeem a code in FNAF Pizza Party:

  1. Launch FNAF Pizza Party.
  2. Once you drop in-game click the 'Codes' button on the left.
  3. Arrow pointing at the button players need to press to access the codes menu in FNAF Pizza Party.
    Image credit: VG247/Pizza Party Game
  4. This will open up a 'Codes' menu with a textbox.
  5. Arrow pointing at the codes menu in FNAF Pizza Party.
    Image credit: VG247/Pizza Party Game
  6. Type a code into the textbox and then press the 'Redeem' button.

If the code you entered is active, the 'Codes' menu will disappear and the goodies you've just claimed will be added to your account. But if the code is no longer working then nothing will happen when you press the 'Redeem'.

That's it for our list of FNAF Pizza Party codes. If you're still in the mood for a good scare, there are plenty of other horror games out there on Roblox. Check out our list of DOORS codes and The House TD codes for help with other spooky experiences. If you need a hand with other popular Roblox games, check out our Blade Ball codes, Blox Fruits codes and Untitled Boxing Game codes pages.

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