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Tapping Legends X codes

Tap yourself into a Legend.

Get ready to tap and click at your screen as much as you can to earn a ton of clicks in the Roblox game Tapping Legends X. Each time you tap the screen, you will earn a certain amount of these clicks. You can then use them to purchase pets, upgrades, or you can exchange them for valuable rebirths. However, tapping the screen can become a bit tiring.

That's where our Tapping Legends X codes come in. In the game, you can consume vials that can increase your Tap, Damage, and Luck. We've listed all of the active codes that will reward you with one (or usually more) of these vials. The game developers, Shiny Star Games, release codes to celebrate milestones for the game and major new updates. As you would do with other Roblox promo codes, make sure to check back here regularly to see what's new.

Working Tapping Legends X Codes

  • 110kbestplayers: Free Tap, Luck, Damage, and Rebirth Vials
  • Frost: Free Tap, Luck, Damage, and Rebirth Vials
  • Halloween: Free Tap, Luck, Damage, and Rebirth Vials
  • spy: Free Tap, Luck, Damage, and Rebirth Vials
  • medieval: Free Tap, Luck, Damage, and Rebirth Vials
  • wildwest: Free Vials
  • 50mevent: Free Tap, Luck, Damage, and Rebirth Vials
  • kitchen: Free Tap, Luck, Damage, and Rebirth Vials
  • temple: Free Tap, Luck, Damage, and Rebirth Vials
  • hundredthousandbigthanks: Free Tap, Luck, Damage and Rebirth Vials
  • lab: Free Vials
  • toy: Free Vials
  • summer: Free Vials
  • candy: Free Vials
  • fixes4: Free Vials
  • swamp: Free Vials
  • 80knicevials: Free Vials
  • steampunk: Free Vials
  • tech: Free Vials
  • 60kthanks: Free Vials
  • 1mgroupmembers: Free Vials
  • fantasy: Free Vials
  • 2mgroupmembers: Free Vials
  • 70kepic: Free Vials
  • russo: 250 Taps
  • gravycatman: 250 Taps
  • roksek: Free Taps
  • magic: Free Vials
  • 90kvialsty: Free Vials

Expired Tapping Legends X Codes

  • update5
  • update
  • fixes5
  • 4thjuly
  • 25M
  • hell
  • 50ksuscode
  • 10m
  • Heaven
  • 40kreallyhotcode
  • 15m
  • release
  • fixes1
  • update1
  • easterluck
  • rainbow
  • bigpoostpack
  • mines
  • fixes3
  • 30kcoolcode
  • galaxy
  • 20klikesforvials
  • 5klikes
  • 2.5klikes
  • fixes2
  • 1klikes

How to redeem codes in Tapping Legends X

Once you have found a code you want to redeem, you'll need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Open up Tapping Legends X
  2. When you are in the game, click on the "Shopping Cart" icon on the menu on the right of your screen.
  3. At the top of the window that appears on your screen, there is a "codes" box.
  4. Put your chosen code into this box to redeem it.

Once you've redeemed an active code, close the small window. You should then see notifications appear in the center of your screen near your click button. They are telling you what you have gained from the code.

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