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Pull a Sword codes for June 2024

Show King Arthur he ain't that hot.

A Roblox character trying to pull a sword from a stone in the popular game Pull a Sword.
Image credit: VG247/xFrozen Obbys
10th June 2024: We added new Pull a Sword codes.

King Arthur managed to pull a sword from a stone twice, and became the stuff of legends, but you can do it an endless amount of times in Pull a Sword. The Roblox game is made by xFrozen Obbys, the developers of fellow clicking game Grimace Race.

The experience has players clicking repeatedly to build up their strength, before trying to pull multiple swords out from stones - which becomes more and more difficult to yank out. If you need a hand trying to remove any of these stubborn blades, you can try redeeming a couple of Pull a Sword codes to make things easier. Codes offer freebies like Pets and Potions, which offer big stat buffs to power up your character.

Working Pull a Sword codes

  • 1x1x1x1upd: Mega Potion (NEW!)
  • RETROPART2: Mega Potion (NEW!)
  • 3MPARTYEVENT: Mega Potion
  • THANKYOU3M: Strength Potion
  • AXIOMUPD: Mega Potion
  • PROFILEUPD: Strength Potion
  • THEHUNTEVENT: Mega Potion
  • magiacode485: Mega Potion
  • SNOWEVENTPART3: Freebies
  • buff2big: Mega Potion
  • K123456789A: Strength Potion
  • K123456789B: Strength Potion
  • K123456789C: Strength Potion
  • NEWEVENTCODEA2: Strength Potion
  • A39B2456BBBC: Strength Potion
  • A39B2456B1CCCKS: Strength Potion
  • K123456789O: Strength Potion
  • A40B2456A2: Strength Potion
  • A39B2456B1: Strength Potion
  • A29B2456B1: Strength Potion
  • K123456789D: Strength Potion
  • eventhalloween: Strength Potion
  • halloweenluck: Strength Potion
  • halloweenparty2023: Strength Potion
  • HelpForYo23456: Win Potion
  • KingCode4321: Strength Potion
  • KingCode1234: Strength Potion
  • xFrozenDominus: xFrozen Dominus Pet
  • PotionCode4721: Win Potion
  • code900: Win Potion
  • code492: Win Potion
  • newcode48: Win Potion
  • PotionCode542: Win Potion
  • twcode1: Win Potion
  • ytcode24690: Win Potion
  • new21potion: Strength Potion
  • NewPotionCode248: Strength Potion
  • ghostydog4: Ghosty Dog Pet
  • likedog2: Like Dog Pet
  • likecat: Like Cat Pet
  • RELEASE: Split Doggy Pet
  • winpotion99995: Win Potion
  • xfrozencodea: xFrozen A Pet
  • xFrozenCodeB24: xFrozen B Pet
  • ytopcode91: uTube Broli Pet

Expired Pull a Sword codes

Currently, there are no expired codes for Pull a Sword.

How to redeem Pull a Sword codes

Here's how you can redeem a code in Pull a Sword:

  1. Launch Pull a Sword in Roblox.
  2. Once you drop in-game click one of the 'Codes' buttons on your right.
  3. Arrow pointing at the buttons players need to press to access the codes menus in the Roblox game Pull a Sword.
    Image credit: VG247/xFrozen Obbys
  4. This will open up a 'Codes' menu with a textbox that says 'Enter Code'.
  5. Arrow pointing at the Twitter codes menu in the Roblox game Pull a Sword.
    Image credit: VG247/xFrozen Obbys
  6. Type a code into the textbox and then press the 'Verify' button.

There are two codes menus in Pull a Sword, one for codes released on YouTube and one for codes released via Twitter. But we've found whichever platform codes are released on, they'll redeem in either menu. If you enter a valid code into one of these menus, you'll know it has been redeemed successfully if a notification appears on screen letting you know what rewards have been claimed for free.

But if you get an error message instead, then that means the code is no longer working. Codes for Roblox games are usually time sensitive, but so far we've found no expired codes for Pull a Sword. Still, it's better to redeem codes sooner rather than later just in case a code you're interested in suddenly stops working.

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