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Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes

Get free cash to upgrade your mining empire.

Image showing a Roblox character in a mining cart in Coal Miner Tycoon 2.
Image credit: Roblox, DecaBladeX

Coal Miner Tycoon 2 is a Roblox game where you hunt for black gold and get rich doing so. You'll find yourself digging for coal, heading back to your base, refining it to earn cash, and then using that money to expand your operations. Not many resources are given to you at the start for free, so if you want to get ahead quickly make sure you grab some free cash with the dev's Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes. This money can be used to upgrade your base and get your mining operation off to the perfect start.

Working Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes

  • 15MV1S1TS: $60,000
  • FR3310K: $10,000

Expired Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes

  • 10MV1S1TS
  • SillyLittleRock
  • 5MV1S1TS
  • 4MV1S1TS
  • 3MV1S1TS
  • 2MV1S1TS
  • 250KV1S1TS
  • 100KV1S1TS

How to redeem Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes

Not sure how to redeem codes in Coal Miner Tycoon 2? Here's what you need to do:

  1. Launch Coal Miner Tycoon 2 in Roblox.
  2. Click on the button with a Twitter Tick icon on the left.
  3. Image from Roblox game Coal Miner Tycoon 2 showing an arrow pointing at the button players need to press to redeem a code.
    Image credit: Roblox, @DecaBladeX
  4. A Codes menu with a textbox will appear. Enter in a code and press the Redeem button.

If you entered in a valid code a notification will appear on screen letting you know it's been redeemed successfully. If you get an error message then that means it's no longer active. Codes for Coal Miner Tycoon 2, like other Roblox games, are time sensitive so don't delay in redeeming any codes you're interested in.

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