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Deadly Sins Retribution codes

It would be a sin to miss.

Artwork for Roblox game Deadly Sins Retribution showing different anime characters.
Image credit: Deadly Sins Retribution

Deadly Sins Retribution is a Roblox game based on the hit anime and manga series The Seven Deadly Sins. The experience transports you to a fantastical world and puts you in the shoes of an anime hero that can wield magic.

Along your adventures you'll take on quests, fight a wide variety of enemies, battle bosses and power up your character as you rally against the evil forces in your land. If you need a hand getting started try redeeming some Deadly Sins Retribution codes to help you out. Codes for Deadly Sins Retribution are released regularly and dish out Spins so you can customise your character, reset stats and use boosts to earn more EXP.

Working Deadly Sins Retribution codes

  • weloveretribution: 35 Spins of each type
  • 3leafclover: Stat reset
  • 4leafclover: 25 Spins of each type
  • 5leafclover: 800 seconds of 2X EXP
  • immortality: 25 Spins of each type
  • shrine: 25 Spins of each type
  • Skyline: 25 Spins of each type
  • fairyrealmpatch2: 25 Spins of each type
  • fairyrealm: 25 Spins of each type
  • fairyspins: 5 Spins of each type
  • fairyreset: Free statpoint reset
  • fairyrealmpatch1: 25 Spins of each type
  • fairyexp: 2x EXP for 400 seconds
  • fraudrin: 15 Spins of each type
  • hiddenfairy: Free Spins

Expired Deadly Sins Retribution codes

  • anniversarydelayed
  • rerelease1
  • rerelease2
  • rerelease3
  • rerelease4
  • rerelease5
  • rerelease6
  • happyhalloween
  • spookyseason
  • fabisworking
  • fabis23now
  • freereset8
  • halloweenpart2soon
  • weloveexp
  • wereallydolovedsr
  • freereset7
  • octobergoals
  • halloweenpoint
  • deadlyforest
  • halloweenreward
  • halloweenfix
  • halloweenpart1
  • delaycode
  • preupdatepatch
  • update4coming
  • freereset6
  • 55klikes
  • hellblaze
  • fairy
  • mondayupdate
  • freereset5
  • freereset3
  • anotherbugfix
  • fabfix1
  • freereset
  • thankyou1700
  • upd1
  • bugfix2
  • thankyou1000
  • fabdelay
  • updatesoon
  • clover_retribution
  • happycode
  • dsrlove
  • dsryoutube
  • dsrtiktok
  • anniversarytreat
  • blessings
  • hybridupdate
  • anotherupdateyes
  • arcaneodyssey
  • newyear2023
  • happyholidays2022
  • thankful2
  • thankful
  • tiktokup
  • cloverretributiontesting
  • bossnerf
  • giftchange
  • preupdatepatch2
  • preupdatepatch3
  • fabgoestosleep
  • freereset4
  • chasethebag
  • fabfixesyetagain
  • novice
  • quickfix2
  • quickfix
  • eventtime
  • yetanotherbugfix
  • preupdatebugfix
  • 50klikes
  • bugfix
  • dsrlove2
  • preparation
  • xmaspart2
  • xmaspart1
  • 100ksins
  • dropthegifts
  • getthepumpkin
  • freereset9
  • update3coming
  • robirthday
  • update2week
  • welovedsr
  • update2coming
  • 2500concurrent
  • freereset2

How to redeem Deadly Sins Retribution codes

Not sure how to redeem codes in Deadly Sins Retribution? Here's what you need to do:

  1. Launch Deadly Sins Retribution in Roblox.
  2. On the main menu screen select 'Customize'.
    Arrow pointing at the Customize option in Roblox game Deadly Sins Retribution.
    Image credit: Roblox, Deadly Sins Retribution
  3. On the character customisation screen select the 'Race & Magic' option.
    Arrow pointing at the Race and Magic option in Roblox game Deadly Sins Retribution.
    Image credit: Roblox, Deadly Sins Retribution
  4. On the left there's a textbox which says 'Enter Code'. Type a code in and then press the Enter key.
    Arrow pointing at the codes screen in Roblox game Deadly Sins Retribution.
    Image credit: Roblox, Deadly Sins Retribution

If the code you entered is active then the textbox will flash up with 'Correct!' and any Spins, stat resets or boosts will be credited to your account. If the code is no longer working then you'll see a 'Code doesn't exist' error message instead. Codes for Deadly Sins Retribution are time sensitive so if you see one you like the look of make sure you redeem it quickly.

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