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Wheat Farming Simulator codes for December 2023

Chop, chop and then chop some more!

Image of a Roblox character cutting wheat in the game Wheat Farming Simulator.
Image credit: Roblox, Alpha Engine
1st December 2023: We checked for new Wheat Farming Simulator codes.

Wheat Farming Simulator is a Roblox game that should appeal to fans of farm sims like Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons. But unlike those games, you won't need to worry about tending to any animals or building relationships. The name of this game is farming - and you'll be doing a lot of that.

Each session of Wheat Farming Simulator involves heading to the field to chop down wheat, selling it on to earn gold and then rinsing and repeating. Any gold you earn can be used to upgrade your tools or purchase new ones with better stats. If you're just starting out and need a helping hand, don't forget to check out the game's codes too. Wheat Farming Simulator codes will help super-charge your experience, giving you free Pets and Taming Crystals (which can be used to get even more Pets).

Working Wheat Farming Simulator codes

  • LAVABEAST: Lava Beast Pet
  • MEGAREBIRTH: x20 Taming Crystals
  • PETS: x10 Taming Crystals
  • TAMEPETS: x20 Taming Crystals
  • TAMING: x20 Taming Crystals

Expired Wheat Farming Simulator codes

Currently, there are no expired Wheat Farming Simulator codes.

How to redeem Wheat Farming Simulator codes

Not sure how to redeem a code in Wheat Farming Simulator? Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Look left when you drop itno the lobby.
  3. In-game screenshot of Roblox game Wheat Farming Simulator showing the area that players need to visit to redeem a code.
    Image credit: Roblox, Alpha Engine
  4. Head over to the boxes with question marks on the right.
  5. Step into the circle that says "Codes".
  6. And then simply enter your code into the pop-up that appears.

If you entered in a valid code a notification will pop up letting you know what freebies you've claimed. At the moment, there are only a limited number of codes available. But if you enter in a code and get an error message that means it's no longer active and working.

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