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Genshin Impact Complete Beginner’s Guide: Everything you need to know

This guide hub is your one stop shop for important Genshin Impact info

Genshin Impact is a juggernaut in the modern game industry. Not even two years since release, it stands out as a pillar in its genre, offering huge swathes of content with regular events and regular major updates.

As such, if you’re trying to get into Genshin Impact in 2022 there’s a lot you’ll have to figure out and overcome. To help you proceed as quickly as possible, we’ve written up this Genshin Impact beginner’s guide hub so you can find all the info you need in one convenient location.

Genshin Impact: Entry level guides

The traveller and their sibling in the Genshin opening cinematic.
With just the Traveller by your side, the Genshin Impact adventure begins!

For those getting into Genshin after all this time, there’s a few things you should know before you invest too much time into it. We’ve listed out all our entry-level guides below!

Genshin Impact: Best team compositions, character builds, and weapons

A team of characters battling a water hydra in Genshin Impact.
With a great team comp and ideal weapons, you'll be set to take on anything the game can throw at you.

As soon as you’ve invested a decent amount of time into Genshin Impact, you’ll want to start piecing together an excellent combination of characters and weapons so you can travel the world with a super powerful squad of potent fighters. The guides listed below will go a long way in guiding you towards that goal:


Arataki Itto



Best Ayato build Best Ayato team comp

Baal / Raiden Shogun

Best Baal build


Childe / Tartaglia

Best Childe build



Best Ganyu build Best Ganyu team comp


Best Gorou build


Best Kokomi build


Best Ningguang build


Best Razor team comp


Best Rosaria team comp


Best Sara build


Best Sayu build Best Sayu team comp


Best Shenhe build


Best Sucrose team comp


Best Thoma build


Best Venti build Best Venti team comp


Best Xingqiu build



Best Xiangling team comp


Best yanfei build


Best Yoimiya build

Yun Jin

Best Yun Jin build Best Yun Jin team comp

Yae Miko

Best Yae Miko build


Best Zhongli build

Genshin Impact: Collectable locations

As you adventure throughout the world of Genshin Impact, there will be collectables you can track down and pick up for a variety of buffs and perks. Here’s our collection of collectable guides:

All Lumenspar locations

Genshin Impact: Upgrade material farming guides

A team in Genshin Impact looking at the starry sky.
The hunt is one for upgrade materials out in the world

Rolling on Wish Banners isn’t enough to create a powerful team in Genshin Impact, you’ll also have to upgrade them using a variety of important upgrade materials all over the world. To help you find what you’re looking for, we’ve created these farming guides below:

Genshin Impact: Monthly codes

Sometimes the primogems, mora, and materials you earn naturally in game just aren't enough. Thankfully, every month there are a selection of Genshin Impact codes that you can redeem for free rewards.

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