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Genshin Impact Adventure Rank XP | Daily Commissions, Domains, Archon Quests

Your Genshin Impact Adventure Rank determines what quests you can take on, including limited-time events, and quickly becomes one of the most important factors in the game.

You’ll earn Adventure Rank XP for doing almost anything in the game.

A short blurb always pops up to tell you how much XP you earned from a task and how much you need to reach the next level, and once you reach that next level, you’ll get some handy rewards from the Adventurer’s Guild.

As your rank progresses, you’ll also get access to high-level materials to make your party even stronger, so it’s worth the grind to get more XP.

What does Adventure Rank do in Genshin Impact?

Adventure Rank essentially tells you what quests and monsters you’re ready to tackle in Genshin Impact and usually rises relative to your story progression. Higher rank requirements mean more difficult monsters or quests related to characters and plot points from later in the game.

Leveling up your Adventure Rank naturally unlocks these quests and lets you participate in events such as the Midsummer Island Adventure.

However, at certain points, it also lets you raise the World Level.

Higher World Levels raise boss levels and increase the quality of their drops, so if you want to start Ascending your characters and their Talents, you’ll need to grind your Adventure Rank XP as well.

Sort of. It’s easy to raise Adventure Rank just by playing the game for the most part and doesn’t require much grinding until you hit level 60 or higher.

How to raise Adventure Rank Quickly in Genshin Impact

The fastest way to raise your Adventure Rank is completing quests, and the most reliable way to do that is finishing your daily commissions.

These unlock at Adventure Rank 12, which you should hit about midway through the prologue quests.

Completing each quest earns you 225 Adventure Rank XP. Reporting all four to the Adventurer’s Guild earns a further 500 Adventure Rank XP.

Aside from those, Archon Quests (main story quests) award a hefty amount of Adventure Rank XP. They’re also the most limited in number right now, though.

Story Quests, the section underneath Archon Quests in your quest journal, and World Quests, such as the Treasure Lost, Treasure Found quest, offer varying amounts of Adventure Rank XP.

You can see how much Adventure Rank XP a quest gives you by checking the number under the green symbol in the rewards section.

World Quests take longer to complete but also come with better rewards alongside XP, including level-up materials.

Grinding Domains and Bosses for Adventure Rank XP

That’s important because another reliable way to get Adventure Rank XP fast in Genshin Impact is tackling Domains and bosses.

Completing a Domain could earn you anywhere from 250 XP to 500 XP. However, the ones with better rewards are usually locked behind level gate, Adventure Rank gates, or both.

Bosses, such as the Primo Geovishap and Cryo Hypostasis, are not.

You can challenge them multiple times per day, but you’ll need to spend Original Resin to gather their rewards.

Their level increases as your Adventure Rank and World Level increase, so you'll want to keep up with your party's level to stand a chance.

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