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The best Venti team comps and F2P teams in Genshin Impact

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Putting together top-tier Venti team comps in Genshin Impact is a bit different from building teams around other characters. Venti is designed to work with almost every other character. His Skill and Burst pull enemies in and makes clearing mobs and bosses much easier thanks to the Elemental Absorption and Swirl effects they create, making it possible to trigger a nearly endless stream of Reactions such as Freeze, Melt, and Vaporize.

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What is the best Venti team comp in Genshin Impact?

  • Main DPS: Ganyu
  • Sub DPS: Venti
  • Sub DPS: Mona
  • Support: Diona

This is a classic team and for good reason. Mona’s Elemental Burst buffs the party’s damage and applies Hydro. Venti spreads the Hydro effect, while Ganyu’s Burst freezes every enemy in range, since it creates falling icicles above each foe. Venti’s Skill and Burst both create a vortex that continues applying the first element it connects with, so you’re able to continue triggering Freeze while Venti’s abilities are active.

Diona is there mostly for shields and to activate the Shattering Ice Resonance effect, which increases the party’s critical hit rate against Frozen enemies by 15%. If your Ganyu has the four-piece Blizzard Strayer set equipped, you’ll get an additional 40% boost to the critical hit rate. That’s ideal for this Freeze-focused build, since Ganyu’s critical hit damage increases as she levels up.

Ayaka is a good replacement for Ganyu, if you managed to recruit her, and she also has scaling critical hit damage. Her Skill and Burst don’t linger the way Ganyu’s do, but you’ll still end up with a cycle of near-permanent Freeze.

What is the best Venti Vaporize team comp?

  • Main DPS: Klee or Yoimiya
  • Sub DPS: Venti
  • Sub DPS: Hydro (flexible)
  • Support: Bennett or Yun Jin

Venti Vaporize teams are a popular alternative to Freeze if you’ve got the characters to spare. Vaporize works a bit differently compared to some Reactions. If Pyro is the element that triggers Vaporize, it multiplies damage by 1.5, but if Hydro is the triggering element, it doubles the damage dealt. Ideally, you’ll inflict Pyro first and then use Venti to spread Hydro and get that double multiplier.

Klee makes applying Pyro in a wide area much easier thanks to the long reach of her Skill and Burst. Yoimiya works more effectively if you don’t mind Pyro being the triggering element, though. Her Skill applies Pyro to her normal attacks, which get a substantial buff either from Yun Jin’s Burst or Bennett’s Burst, and makes activating repeated Vaporize Reactions easier.

Any Hydro character with far-reaching skills would work for this build. We favor Mona and Xingqiu since their effects linger, though Kokomi or even Barbara would work.

This team build has a few possible attack orders. If you want the double multiplier, you’ll use your Hydro character first, then switch to Venti and use his Skill or Burst. Swap to your main DPS next, and fire off as many attacks as you can while Hydro is still spreading around.

Alternatively, you can use Bennet’s Burst to buff the party’s attack and infuse them with Pyro, making it easy to spread that around. Use Venti’s Burst next, then start triggering Vaporize with your Hydro character. Mona or Xingqiu would be ideal for this method.

What is the best Venti F2P team?

  • Main DPS: Xiangling
  • Sub DPS: Venti
  • Sub DPS: Kaeya
  • Sub DPS: Lisa

This mixed elemental team exists to pull off as many reactions as possible. Xiangling’s and Kaeya’s Bursts provide continued sources of Pyro and Cryo even after you swap characters out, and it’s easy to spread Electro with Lisa even before using Venti. Prioritizing Superconduct with Lisa and Kaeya makes it easier for Xiangling to finish off weakened foes, though swapping between Xiangling and Kaeya is a smart move as well. Melt is similar to Vaporize and deals double damage if you trigger it using Pyro.

If Electro isn’t cutting it for you, swap Lisa with Barbara. You get a healer this way, and you can also use Venti’s abilities to group enemies closer, making it easier to spread Hydro using Barbara’s Skill and Freeze foes with Kaeya’s Burst.

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