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The best Sayu team comps and F2P teams in Genshin Impact

Follow the wind

Figuring out the best Sayu team comps in Genshin Impact is more difficult than usual since the lazy ninja is one of the game’s more versatile characters.

The most effective Sayu teams are built around either her Skill or her Burst, but never both. The right team can turn Sayu’s Skill into a powerful elemental force that brings even the strongest foes to their knees. Burst teams are much more flexible, though, since Sayu can work with pretty much anyone.

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What is the best Sayu team comp for DPS?

  • Main DPS: Sayu
  • Main DPS: Kazuha/Xiao
  • Sub-DPS: Fischl
  • Sub-DPS: Xiangling

This team builds on Sayu’s excellent Elemental Skill and its capacity to spread debuffs and deal high damage to a broad area. If you hold the button for her Skill, you’ll stay in the whirlwind state for up to 10 seconds, absorbing the first element you contact and spreading it to any enemy in your path. It also deals Swirl damage.

The Viridescent Venerer Artifact set increases the power of Swirl and reduces enemy resistance to the element it reacts with. Used correctly, Sayu can deal almost constant elemental and Swirl damage, wearing down even the toughest of foes.

We’ve opted for two characters with abilities that linger on the battlefield after the characters themselves are swapped out. Fischl’s Skill fires Electro charges at enemies for 10 seconds, while Xiangling’s Burst creates a whirling Pyro storm for 10 seconds. That’s plenty of chances to apply the elements to enemies multiple times and trigger several Swirl reactions.

Kazuha is there to generate Energy and to get the Impetuous Winds buff, which boosts movement speed and, more importantly, shortens cooldown times by five percent. Xiao and even Sucrose could fill that role, though.

If the Resonance effects aren’t a big draw for you, swap him out with Kaeya, whose Burst is essentially a Cryo version of Xiangling’s Burst.

What is the best Sayu team comp for support?

The answer for this is pretty much whatever you want. We still recommend an elementally diverse team to make the most out of Sayu’s Swirl potential, but the flexible nature of her Burst means she works well with just about anyone.

Sayu’s Burst heals the active character if their HP is below a certain threshold and attacks foes if the character’s HP is high. If you’re lucky enough to unlock Sayu’s first Constellation, then the Daruma she summons heals and attacks simultaneously. The act of summoning also deals Anemo damage and can trigger Swirl in a small area of effect.

The Daruma’s healing and DPS potential scales based on Sayu’s Elemental Mastery. So long as you focus your Sayu build on Elemental Mastery, then she’s flexible enough to fit with any party, whether it’s packed with five-star characters such as the image above or your favorite party of four stars.

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