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The best Ayaka team comps and F2P teams in Genshin Impact

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The best Ayaka team comps in Genshin Impact make the most out of Ayaka’s unique abilities and her powerful critical hit rate.

While you can really ratchet up the numbers with a party of other five-star characters, it’s worth exploring alternative setups that go beyond just stacking all your strongest fighters together. A well-rounded party with Energy and health support components will carry you much further in the Abyss and against bosses.

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What is the best Ayaka team comp?

  • Main DPS: Ayaka
  • Sub DPS: Mona
  • Support: Diona
  • Support DPS: Flexible

The best team for Ayaka revolves around Freeze and boosting her critical hit rate. Ayaka deals Cryo damage at any point just by using her sprint, which means you can freeze enemies almost non-stop. That’s handy for dealing with crowds, but this team comp also increases her damage output in general.

Ayaka’s critical damage output increases with each level, though her critical hit rate remains a flat five percent. Adding another Cryo character to the mix and equipping Ayaka with the four-piece Blizzard Strayer set, the best build for her, bumps her critical rate up by 60 percent. While Ganyu is a popular choice, we prefer Diona thanks to the support her shield and healing field offer. Using Mona’s Elemental Burst applies Hydro to a broad area and temporarily increases the party’s damage output.

The last slot is more flexible. Some players use an Anemo character, such as Kazuha or Venti, to spread Cryo or Hydro among more enemies. These are solid choices if you only want to focus on freeze, especially since Venti and Kazuha generate more Energy particles than most, something Ayaka always needs. If you’d like to shake things up or take a different approach from time to time, the Raiden Shogun should fill that slot.

Her Baleful Eye skill deals Electro damage while you use normal attacks, which instantly triggers Superconduct and lowers enemy physical defense if the enemy isn’t Cryo. Chaining Bursts, even just Mona’s and Ayaka’s, also buffs the Shogun’s Burst power, letting her deal exceptionally high damage for a short time.

What is the best Ayaka F2P team?

Main DPS: Ayaka Sub DPS: Xingqiu Support: Diona Sub DPS: Sucrose

Mona, Kazuha, and the Shogun may offer a little extra for your Ayaka team, but the underlying principles guiding that party still work for F2P teams.

Xingqiu is a combination of Mona and the Shogun in this team. His Rain Sword Burst applies Hydro frequently and increases the damage Ayaka deals with each attack. Diona functions pretty much the same as in the first build, while Sucrose creates Energy, pulls enemies together, and spreads Elemental effects more broadly.

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