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The best Razor team comps and F2P teams in Genshin Impact

Zap, crackle, pop

The best Genshin Impact Razor team comp is more flexible than most, thanks to Razor’s highly adaptable skills. Regardless of whether you’re a free player or throw Primogems around like nobody’s business, the same guiding principles remain. Razor works best with a support party, one that lets him deal high damage and trigger Reactions to wear foes down.

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What is the best Razor team comp in Genshin Impact?

  • Main DPS: Razor
  • Sub DPS: Raiden Shogun
  • Support: Diona
  • Sub DPS: Xingqiu or Xiangling

Razor might be purely a DPS character, but he’s flexible enough to work with any party. His Skill creates a small Electro shockwave and generates a sigil that restores his health, while his Burst imbues all attacks with Electro and boosts attack speed. If you’re lucky enough to unlock Razor’s first Constellation, picking up Energy Particles buffs Razor’s attack by 10 percent. It’s worth adding another Electro character to activate the High Voltage Resonance effect, which generates Energy Particles whenever you trigger an Electro-based Elemental Reaction.

There’s no shortage of Electro characters to experiment with, but you’ll get the most out of Raiden Shogun. She increases the party’s Energy Recharge and deals heavy damage after other team members use their Bursts. The ideal order would be using Diona’s Burst, then Xiangling’s or Xiangqiu’s to trigger Reactions, followed by Razor’s to deal heavy damage, and then the Shogun’s to finish off anything that might be left.

Diona is, as always, a solid Cryo support choice since she provides shields with her Skill and healing through her Burst, which has the added bonus of lingering on the field and dealing Cryo damage for several seconds. The Superconduct Reaction lowers enemy physical defense, which is handy for Razor’s normal attacks.

Some players prefer Zhongli over Diona for support, since his abilities lower physical and elemental resistance. If you have Zhongli, consider trying him instead.

The final slot should go to someone whose Elemental abilities linger after you swap to a different character. Xiangling is an excellent, and free, choice, though Xiangqiu’s Rain Swords tend to last longer. Electro-Charged has the added benefit of spreading to other, nearby foes as well.

What is the best F2P team for Razor?

  • Main DPS: Razor
  • Sub DPS: Xiangling
  • Support: Barbara
  • Sub DPS: Kaeya

If you don’t want to spend any Primogems, you’re in luck. Razor’s F2P team functions almost as effectively as the ideal team with characters you recruit just by playing the game. Xiangling functions the same as she would in the paid team, and Kaeya works essentially like a Cryo Xiangling. Barbara is there for healing and because her Skill applies Hydro to enemies in close proximity to you, even after Barbara leaves the field. Razor needs to be close to foes in almost every case as it is, so it’s an easy way to get the Electro-Charged Reaction.

If you want the High Voltage Resonance effect, consider swapping Xiangling for Lisa.

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