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The best Xiangling team comps and F2P teams in Genshin Impact

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Xiangling team comps in Genshin Impact are surprisingly varied for a Pyro character. Her Burst, Pyronado, is one of the best in the game for triggering Elemental Reactions and shredding through enemy defenses. Unlike other characters, Xiangling’s usefulness stays mostly the same even in F2P parties or teams made of other four star characters.

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What is the best Xiangling team comp?

  • Main DPS: Childe
  • Sub DPS: Xiangling
  • Sub DPS: Bennett
  • Sub DPS: Raiden Shogun

This team sees Xiangling act as Elemental sub-DPS, using her Pyronado Burst to trigger repeated Vaporize reactions. Childe is the best pick for this since he applies Hydro in a broad area just by using normal attacks.Vaporize deals double damage if Pyro is the activating element, so using Pyronado after using Childe to spread Hydro means you get a hefty damage multiplier. Childe’s Riptide effect helps keep the effect going, since enemies afflicted with his Riptide status generate a Hydro shockwave upon defeat.

If you have Xiangling’s first Constellation unlocked, don’t forget to use her Skill on occasion. Gouba reduces the enemy’s Pyro resistance by 15% for six seconds, which is plenty of time for Pyronado to sweep through your foes.

Bennett is here to bolster your party’s attack even further, both with his Burst and the Fervent Flames Resonance effect. Fervent Flames buffs party attack by 25%, while Bennett’s Burst increases the active character’s attack based on Bennett’s own attack.

Kazuha or Sucrose are common picks for the fourth slot just to help group enemies together, but Raiden Shogun offers a few more benefits. Her Baleful Omen Skill adds a layer of Electro damage to normal attacks. You’ll be using those between Skills and Bursts anyway, so it’s a useful way to deal even more damage and generate Electro-based Reactions in the process. Her Burst helps restore the party’s Energy, benefits significantly from Bennett’s Burst, and interacts well with Pyronado and Childe’s skills.

What is the best Xiangling DPS team?

  • Main DPS: Xiangling
  • Sub DPS: Xingqiu
  • Sub DPS: Rosaria
  • Sub DPS: Bennett

It’s also viable to play Xiangling as your main DPS. Elemental Reactions using Pyronado are still an important part of this team, but you’ll also swap between party members to unleash their Skills and Bursts regularly. Bennett is here again mostly to provide healing and attack buffs, though his Skill is a useful source of Pyro as well.

Rosaria’s Burst creates a Cryo field that’s perfect for triggering Melt reactions, though she also helps buff the party’s critical hit rate. Xingqiu can help trigger Freeze reactions with Rosaria, but your best bet is using his Rain Swords to apply Hydro with Xiangling’s normal attacks before unleashing her Pyronado Burst.

What is the best Xiangling F2P team?

  • Main DPS: Xiangling
  • Sub DPS: Kaeya
  • Sub DPS: Lisa
  • Support: Barbara

Xiangling sweeps the field even with a completely free team, which functions similarly to the four-star DPS team. You’ll swap between characters to use their Skills and Bursts and switch back to Xiangling during cooldown to deal normal damage, though the emphasis is still on Pyronado.

For the most damage, trigger Kaeya’s Burst first to apply Cryo, then swap to Xiangling and use Pyronado to activate Melt and get a 2x damage multiplier. Lisa’s Skill and Burst apply Electro in a broad area, making it easy to trigger several Overload reactions with Xiangling’s Skill or Burst, and you can use Barbara to apply Hydro in a more limited area before using Xiangling to trigger Vaporize.

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