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Best Xiao Team Comps in Genshin Impact

Got lucky and pulled on of Genshin Impact's best main DPS? Here's how to best compliment this brooding carry.

Xiao is one of the most popular anemo DPS in Genshin Impact for good reason. Able to output some serious damage through both his regular attacks and his transformation attacks available through his elemental burst. As a five star character, he’s tricky to get in Genshin Impact version 2.7, but once you do he’s a valuable addition to your roster.

While a great build is of course key for making the most out of Xiao’s presence, a great team composition is also important. As such, we’ve created this guide for our best Xiao team comp so you can pick out the best characters to compliment his playstyle, as well as f2p friendly options for those without a stacked roster.

Watch the version 2.7 trailer, featuring Xiao, above!

What is the best Xiao team comp?

Xiao and Venti looking over the ocean in Genshin Impact.
With the right backup, Xiao can be truly fearsome as your main damage carry.

Our picks for Xiao’s best team all revolve around keeping him in his transformed state for as long as possible, as well as using key characters able to best enhance his damage through elemental reactions.

  • Main DPS: Xiao
  • Sub DPS: Xiangling
  • Battery: Sucrose
  • Support: Bennet

Xiangling is a great sub DPS due to their elemental skill acting as a brilliant avenue for near-constant pyro application. Paired with Xiao’s attacks, you’ll be causing the swirl elemental reaction more often than not, which is a nice way of keeping enemies’ health sizzling away. The real benefit of bringing Xiangling comes due to the elemental resonance she provides, which we’ll touch on later, but as a standalone source of DPS you can pull out every now and again, she’s a good pick!

As for a battery character, Sucrose is excellent. Another Anemo character, and therefore providing the anemo elemental resonance alongside Xiao, you’ll be able to generate a whirlwind of elemental energy that can keep Xiao in their transformed state for longer.

Finally we have Bennet, who can heal the team thanks to their own elemental skill thus filling the role of healer. However, paired with Xiangling, you also gain the pyro elemental resonance, boosting attack damage to your team. This combination of the anemo and pyro elemental resonance effects allows Xiao to truly stand out as an excellent primary source of damage.

What is the best Xiao f2p team comp?

Xiao looking at some strange energy, as part of the version 1.3 trailer for Genshin Impact
Even without expensive characters, Xiao is well worth using.

Sometimes you’re short on primo gems - it happens to us all. Nonetheless, you can still make Xiao perform to a decent capacity with many free or easy-to-acquire characters in Genshin Impact. Here are our picks for the best free to play team comp:

  • Main DPS: Xiao
  • Sub DPS: Noelle
  • Battery: AnemoTraveler
  • Healer: Barbara

Xiao maintains their role as the main DPS is this comp because they truly perform this role better than any f2p option out there. Chances are if you’re looking at this section Xiao is one of your first five stars, so you’ll be happy to know they maintain their position as star of the show.

We’ve placed Noelle in a sub-DPS role as they can be swapped in to tank a bunch of hits and dish out some serious damage if it’s getting a little too hot for Xiao. Not only that, but by doing so she produces shields that’ll better protect your team when she’s off the field.

We also have the Anemo traveller as our battery, as they’re able to produce ample elemental energy with their elemental skill. Not to mention, them alongside Xiao grants you the anemo elemental resonance, further increasing your energy generation. A flat out no-brainer pick in free-to-play teams.

Last but certainly not least is the default healer option in free-to-play teams: Barbara. Not only can she apply healing over time with her skill and a big burst of healing with their burst, but they’re easy to use and are obtainable early. As a bonus, her elemental skill is a nice touch for Xiao, providing some extra proximity damage to those he gets close to.

That concludes our Best Xiao team comp for Genshin Impact guide! If you’re looking for Genshin Impact version 2.7 info, check out our livestream recap for everything you can expect from the update. In addition, check out our Arataki Itto build - another character who is having a rerun banner in version 2.7.

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