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The best Genshin Impact Itto build, weapons, and Itto F2P options

With Arataki Itto finally available from wish banners, we've got the best build for the Arataki gang leader.

The best Genshin Impact Itto build turns the Inazuma gang leader into one of the best Geo characters and a mighty DPS hero for your party.

He needs a bit of care and attention to shine and functions best in a party with a healer, but if you're tired of the usual DPS button mashing, Itto is the fighter for you.

For those looking to gear up but lack the wallet to splash out after recruiting the Oni, we've got an F2P option that's even better than Itto's signature build. If you're not sure who to pair him with, check out our best Aratakki Itto team comp page for some of the best choices.

You can watch the trailer for Yelan - another version 2.7 character - here!

Is Itto DPS?

Absolutely! Itt's moveset centers on powered-up charged attacks and Geo damage boosts, with a buff loop that rewards you for using his skill and burst by feeding power back into his charged attack. Itto gains stacks of Superlative Superstrength when his first and fourth normal attacks connect. When you hold the charge attack button, Itto consumes stacks of Superstrength instead of stamina and performs a series of strong strikes.

Itto's skill summons Ushi, his pet bull, who deals one instance of Geo damage and attracts enemy attention. When Ushi leaves, Itto gets one stack of Superstrength.

Itto's burst converts his normal and charged damage to Geo damage and can't be overwritten, so effects such as Candace's, where the active character's normal attack gets infused with Hydro, won't work. He gains Superstrength stacks on the first and third strikes of his combos, gets an attack speed buff, and gets an extra attack buff based on his defense. However, his physical and elemantal resistance also drops by 20 percent, so bear that in mind when deciding whether it's worth risking him in a dangerous situation.

On the passive talent side is Arataki Ichiban, which increases the attack speed of his Kesagiri Slashes - the official name for his charged attacks - and, more importantly, Bloodline of the Crimson Oni, which buffs Itto's attack by 35 percent of his defense. That makes defense the most important stat to focus on for your Itto build and helps compensate for his comparatively low base attack.

Using Itto efficiently means developing a rhythm of normal attacks to gain Superstrength stacks and strings of Kesagiri Slashes, then repeat until his energy is full and you can use his burst to do the same thing, but stronger.

Genshin Impact best Arataki Itto build

Arataki Itto pointing up at a statue in Genshin Impact
With the perfect Itto build, you'll be able to smash through anything that comes at you!

Since his damage scales based on defense, the best Itto build focuses on that stat above all others. If you plan on using a burst-oriented Itto, you may also want to bump his Geo damage output to get the most from his enhanced state as well.

Best Itto weapon - Redhorn Stonethresher

Redhorn Stonethresher is a 5-star claymore basically builtfor Itto. By default it increases defence by 28 percent, but it also increases normal and charged attack DMG by 40 percent of the equipping character’s defence. That's a hefty boost and a perfect match for Itto's Bloodline talent.

If you have a spare Wolf's Gravestone around, that also works well for Itto. It raises the user's attack by 10 percent, and the passive skill bumps that up by a further 20 percent. Attacks on enemies with 30 percent HP or less will also buff the entire party's attack by 40 percent.

As an alternative, Serpent Shrine is a fantastic greatsword that you can earn through the game’s battle pass if you’ve reached tier 30 and unlocked the paid track. Every 4 seconds the equipping character is on the field, they deal 6 percent more damage and take 3 percent more damage. This effect has a maximum of 5 stacks and will not be reset if the character leaves the field, so it's a decent way to bump Itto's damage up a bit more.

Best Itto Artifacts - Husk of Opulent Dreams

The Husk of Opulent Dreams artifact set, acquired through the Slumbering Court domain on Seirai Island, is the perfect set for Arataki Itto. Here’s what it does:

  • 2-piece: DEF +30%
  • 4-piece: When on the field, the character gains 1 stack of Curiosity after hitting an opponent with a Geo attack. When off the field, the character gains 1 stack every 3 seconds. Curiosity can stack up to 4 times, each providing 6 percent DEF and a 6 percent Geo DMG Bonus. When 6 seconds pass without gaining a Curiosity stack, 1 stack is lost.

As a main-DPS character that throws out tonnes of Geo damage, as well as an ultimate ability that modifies Itto’s attacks to deal additional geo damage, this perfectly aligns with his move set. Most importantly, it grants a sizeable defense boost to power up his charged attacks

If you're not quite there or are having poor luck with Artifact rolls, you could try a mix of Defender's Will and Gladiator's Finale. Defender's Will boosts defense by 30 percent, while Gladiator's Finale buffs attack by 18 percent.

Whatever set you choose, prioritize attack, defense, and Geo damage for your substats.

Genshin Impact best Itto F2P build

Arataki Itto with his gang in Inazuma.
You don't need to splash out in order to power up Itto!

One craftable weapon makes creating a strong, free Itto build breezy.

Craft yourself a Whiteblind Claymore from the blacksmith. All you need for this is Northlander Claymore bilet, crystal chunks, and White Iron Chunks. This weapon increases the user's defense outright and increases it again when their attacks land, making it a perfect fit for the Oni King. Since you can craft Whiteblind, you have a better chance of maxing out its refinement skill and getting an even bigger buff than you would with Stonethresher at R0.

If you don't have the resources or need to use them for something else, try the 3-star White Iron Greatsword. This one also buffs defense, and it restores a portion of the user's HP when they defeat an enemy.

As for artifacts, our picks for the best paid build still hold true for the F2P build. Defense is your most important stat, followed by attack and Geo damage.

That wraps up our Arataki Itto build! If you’re looking for more builds, we’ve got plenty for you to look through - such as our Thoma build, Yoyima build, and Alloy build!

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