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Best Aloy Team Comps in Genshin Impact

Looking to find the right buddies for this archer? We've got you covered.

Aloy is an oddball in Genshin Impact. The only guest character to the series, they’re widely believed to be an average DPS ranged character that’s best used to support more impactful carries. However, that doesn’t mean you should throw Aloy to the side. She has a quality place in carefully crafted team comps, especially when she’s got the right build!

To help you find a good home for Aloy in your team of four, we’ve created a guide for the Best Aloy Team Comps in Genshin Impact, so that you can find the right support, sub-DPS, and Battery for this wonderful archer.

What is the best Aloy team comp?

Xiangling in Genshin Impact
This character (and their bear) are a key part of our ideal comp.

The best comps for Aloy rely on a custom combination of characters that enhance Aloy’s damage-dealing capabilities. As such. We suggest using:

  • Main DPS: Aloy
  • Sub DPS: Xiangling
  • Battery: Bennet
  • Support: Qiqi

Xiangling is a great sub DPS due to their elemental skill acting as a brilliant avenue for near-constant Melt procs. When Melt is applied to enemies they take enhanced damage for a short period of time, which acts as an opportunity for you to swap back to Alloy and start pumping out the hurt.

As for a battery character, there’s few better than Bennet. They’re able to generate elemental orbs at an incredibly fast rate compared to other characters in the game which means you’ll be able to activate your skills more often than usual. This, as you can imagine, greatly improves your overall damage output.

Finally, Qiqi fulfils two roles. For one, they provide your team with the Cryo elemental resonance. This means that attacks against all enemies affected by frozen or cryo effects have a 15% increased crit rate. In addition, they're a brilliant healer. This means that regardless of what’s coming at you, a hefty rejuvenation is on it’s way.

What is the best Aloy f2p team comp?

Kaeya in Genshin Impact.
This handsome fella is a decent way of securing the Cryo elemental resonance!

If you’ve not got an influx of characters sitting on your account, or a pile of primogems kept offshore, you can still create a cheap team that can enhance Aloy during combat. Our picks for our best Aloy F2P team comp are:

  • Main DPS: Aloy
  • Sub DPS: Kaeya
  • Battery: Electro Traveler
  • Support: Barbara

Aloy of course still maintains the main DPS role, as we’re aiming to boost up their performance as a damage dealer here. This goal is pushed along significantly thanks to Kaeya! Not only does them being included trigger the Cryo Elemental Resonance, they also deal a decent amount of damage on their own while applying frozen status to close-range enemies.

As for a battery, the Electro Traveler is able to use their skill at a rapid rate in fights. As such, if you’re looking for a free source of elemental energy, they’re a decent pick. Also, it’s nice to give your original character some love every now and again, right?

Finally, it’s Barbara. The basic healer all players receive as they play, Baraba provides average healing to your team quick enough for it to work out more often or not. However, it’s very important that you be careful as you use their elemental skill as it applies the Wet status to your current character. This means you can easily find yourself frozen during big DPS moments. As such, we suggest swapping out Baraba as your number one priority.

That concludes our Best Aloy team comp for Genshin Impact guide! For more Genshin Impact stuff, check out our monthly free Genshin codes page, as well as this dancer who choreographed a sweet dance to the Genshin Impact OST.

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