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Destiny 2 guide: tips, Exotics, subclasses and everything else you need today

Destiny 2 is a mystery no more thank to our continuously updating guide. Now streamlined for faster access to the info you want.

Our Destiny 2 guide is divided into segments so you can get to what you want, fast. Let's start off with a quick contents list and then jump right in.

First, here are some general tips and explanations for Destiny 2. Next, check in with a series of equipment guides on weapons, armour and builds in Destiny 2.

After that, you'll find guides pertaining to the Leviathan Raid, followed by information on regular and one-off events in Destiny 2.

Towards the bottom of the page you'll find our detailed class and subclass information, and right at the end, a bunch of guides on specific missions, Activities, secrets and other miscellaneous Destiny 2 topics.

Phew! Hopefully we have what you're looking for in our Destiny 2 guide. If not, just let us know.


General guides

  • How to level up, get more Power and kick butt in Destiny 2 - fast
    We've recently overhauled this page to try and clarify the near incomprehensible cycle of Luminous engrams, which you don't actually need to understand, but will make your journey to Destiny 2's Power cap much more rapid if you do get it. We also outline the basics for beginners and discuss Exotic farming, Legendary mods, and other endgame esoterica - all while providing a handy three step guide, with segments outlining each stage of the levelling system.
  • Xur location, currency changes in Destiny 2, Legendary shards and more
    Who is Xur? What is Xur? Where is Xur? When is Xur there? What Exotics will Xur sell? How do I buy Exotics from Xur? Why is everyone so excited for Xur? Most of these questions will be answered in this handy guide to everyone's favourite tentacle-faced weekend vendor, the mysterious Xur.
  • Destiny 2 PC system requirements, controls and app compatibility
    This quick reference rounds up the most pertinent information specific to the PC version of Destiny 2 - what you'll need to run it, what it won't play nice with, and which button makes your guardian do a little dance. More detailed information on these topics is available in pages linked from this page, too.


Destiny 2 equipment: Exotics, weapons, armour and build guides

The guides in this section are all about equipment, providing both a basic explanation of Destiny 2's somewhat esoteric weapon system as well as pointing you towards Exotic gear and providing resources for putting together ideal builds.

Destiny 2 Exotics: the best armour, the best weapons, and how to get your hands on all of it

This hub page collects all the information you'll need to find every Exotic weapon and armour piece in Destiny 2, for all classes. Covers the following topics:

Destiny 2: all armour for every class

This hub page has everything you need to know to choose, and then obtain, the armour you're after. As well as the Exotic armour pages mentioned above, it covers the following topics:

Destiny 2: best Legendary and Exotic weapons

This forthcoming hub page will collect up our growing catalogue of Best Of pages, as well as detail weapon infusion - an important part of levelling up and ensuring you have the best tools for the job at hand. Until the page is ready, you can browse the existing featured topics below:


Leviathan Raid

Leviathan is Destiny 2's first raid, and for PvE or co-op players, it's the ultimate challenge. Set aboard the world-eating flagship of the Cabal Emperor Calus, it challenges teams of six to overcome a series of trials to earn the right to face down Calus himself. As well as an explanation of just how to beat each section in both text and video form, we've got a list of all the secret chest locations so you can farm Exotic engrams.


Destiny 2 events

Destiny 2 has a busy calendar of weekly, monthly and intermittent events. On the pages below you'll find information on what each event is, how to make the most of it, what the latest loot on offer is, and more. Events are one of the best opportunities to fill out your colelctions in Destiny 2, so get crecking and make the most of them when they crop up.

  • Destiny 2 Iron Banner: loot, start and end times, all details
    Iron Banner is a monthly PvP event in which players can earn exclusive armour and weapons. This page is updated with each new event to ensure it has the latest start and end times, Season information, and loot details. The latest Iron Banner was held in October 2017.
  • Destiny 2 Seasons: what we know so far
    Bungie still hasn't fully detailed Seasons, but here's what we know about these quarterly updates and resets so far. We're expecting Season 2 in early December, delivering The Dawning, a big rebalance, new Bright Engrams and more.


Destiny 2 classes and subclasses

All three original classes return in Destiny 2 - Hunter, Warlock and Titan - and each will have three subclass options you can unlock and switch between at will. The three classes and their skill trees have been overhauled, and each now boasts a unique class skill shared across all subclasses. The resources below should help you to choose and make the most of your class in Destiny 2.

There are nine subclasses in Destiny 2 - three for each class. This total includes three brand new subclasses added with Destiny 2, while the remaining six subclasses return from vanilla Destiny and expansion The Taken King.

We've put together detailed guides on every subclass in Destiny 2. These guides list every skill and passive ability, giving you full details so you can plan your build and co-ordinate with your buddies for co-op. Where possible, these pages includes gameplay footage of the subclass in action, so you can see how your chosen Guardian will play in Destiny 2.


Walkthroughs, secrets and specific topics

This section is where we'll gather walkthroughs and guides that don't fit elsewhere - things players have asked for, things we found tricky and wanted some help with, things we wish everyone knew but clearly don't.

  • How to activate the Floor is Lava challenge in Destiny 2's Tower
    Remember playing The Floor is Lava as a kid? The folks at Bungie sure do. This is another neat little Easter egg to give yourself a cool boost of speed and height in the Tower. It's not a super difficult challenge, but you would never know it's there without being told where to look, and it's worth doing if you want to dominate on the soccer pitch.
  • How to get a Sparrow in Destiny 2
    Sparrows are Destiny 2's mount analogue - a personal vehicle for getting around the landscape before you die of starvation, and you'll want one much sooner than Bungie intends to hand one over. Sadly, you'll have to wait, like a muggins. Boo!

That's all for now, but we'll be updating our Destiny 2 guide on the regs as new intel comes in or we receive your questions. Is there anything we're missing? Anything you'd like to see sooner rather than later? Just let us know.

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