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Destiny 2 Exotics: all Hunter armour including new Curse of Osiris gear

Destiny 2 is all about loot. Come get yours, nimble Hunters.

Hunters, the triple-jumping, shot-dodging warriors of the Destiny universe, can take advantage of some terrific builds with Destiny 2's collection of Exotic armour specifically tailored for the rogue class. These are all the pieces of Exotic Hunter armour available in the game right now, but it's a safe bet that more will appear over Destiny 2's life.

This page is part of our Destiny 2 guide, and is subject to change and updates as we explore the release build alongside all of you eager Guardians. Looking for other Exotics? Check out our Destiny 2 Exotics guides, including our list of every Exotic weapon in the game.

We're updating our Destiny 2 guide with Curse of Osiris content, so if you're yet to dive into the expansion and don't want to know what's waiting for you, avoid scrolling down. You'll find four new armour pieces waiting for you, and we've flagged them as exclusive to the add-on.

Looking for a specific non-Exotic armour set to craft a perfect build? Check out our list of Legendary Survivalist, Heavy and Mobile Hunter armour sets and where to find them.

Exotic Hunter helmets

Three fancy golden helmets await Hunters lucky enough to pick up an Exotic engram, with a fourth added via Curse of Osiris. Half of them are old ones, but well, you can't have everything. If you could, we'd have Achlyophage Symbiote, that one helmet that looked like lava was growing out of your head, back. I miss that helmet. Maybe it'll come back down the track?


  • Relentless Tracker: Visually marks targeted enemies.
  • A new helmet, Foetracer is one of a number of different pieces of equipment and abilities that allow you to trace enemies. If you enjoy this ability, this helmet allows you to take advantage of it without having to spec your Hunter through the appropriate Nightstalker tree.

    Celestial Nighthawk

  • Hawkeye Hack: Modifies Golden Gun to fire a single, high damage shot. Victims killed by the shot explode.
  • Returning from D1, Celestial Nighthawk is a Gunslinger subclass essential. Three shots? Nah. Six shots? No way. One projectile combining the power of them all? That's the spec for the Hunter in a hurry. One shot, one kill (hopefully).

    Knucklehead Radar

  • Upgraded Sensor Pack: Provides radar while aiming.
  • Another returning favourite, with an ability found on various Exotic weapons and armour. Particularly useful in the Crucible if you don't have any other Exotic armour handy.

    Graviton Forfeit Helmet [Curse of Osiris]

  • Vanishing Shadow: Increases the duration of any invisibility effects. Your melee recharges faster while you are invisible.
  • Another buff to the Hunter's invisibility capability and likely to be useful in high-level Crucible play - or for rezzing your allies in PvE.

Exotic Hunter chest armour

There are three Exotic chest pieces for Hunters in Destiny 2, two of which are brand new. There's a real Arcstrider bias among the chest pieces, for some reason. Perhaps Hunters keep lightning in their hearts? Bungie should hire me to write equipment flavour text (and also point out imbalances, nerf Warlocks plz Bungie).

    The Dragon's Shadow

  • Quicksilver Mail: Grants increased movement and weapon handling speed for a short time after Dodging.
  • A new Exotic for a new ability. Now that Hunters can dodge, why not enjoy a little boost to your powers whenever you do so? Combine with the Arcstiders amazing melee-dodge chain for best results.

    Raiden Flux

  • Synapse Junctions: Quick successive attacks with Arc Staff increases its damage output and duration.
  • An absolute joy for Arcstrider fans, Synapse Junction makes the Arc Staff Super even more deadly than before. Excellent for clearing huge crowds of enemies, or for closing the gap between one foe and the next.

    Lucky Raspberry

  • Probability Matrix: Increases the chaining capabilities of Arc Bolt Grenade and has a chance to recharge it each time it deals damage.
  • Updated since its D1 days, Lucky Raspberry maintains its interest in twisting the laws of chance in your favour - and in inspiring cute nicknames for grenades.

Exotic Hunter gauntlets

We call 'em "gauntlets" in these parts, because "bracers" is inaccurate and "gloves" just sounds a bit too soft for armour. In any case, Hunters initially had two Exotic arm pieces to choose from in vanilla Destiny 2, one of which returns from D1. Curse of Osiris added two more.

    Mechaneer's Tricksleeves

  • Spring-Loaded Mounting: Increases Sidearm ready and reload speed.
  • Hunters and handguns go together like churros and chocolate sauce. Sidearms are already among the zippiest weapons in Destiny 2, and this Exotic just makes them more so. Zounds!
    Your enemies won't know what hit them. Well no, they will; there's a kill notification.

    Young Ahamkara's Spine

  • Wish-Dragon Teeth: Increases Tripmine Grenade duration and marks enemies damaged by the blast.
  • Returning from D1, although we notice it no longer allows you to carpet the Crucible in traps and sit back in a corner laughing. For this we can be thankful. Should be fantastic for territory control, though.

    Aeon Swift [Curse of Osiris]

  • Aeon Energy: Dodging grants the following to nearby Aeon Cult allies: grenade energy to Warlocks; barricade energy to Titans; dodge energy to Hunters. Other allies receive a fraction of the shared energy.
  • A brand new Exotic with the first expansion. "Aeon Cult allies" means those also kitted out with Aeon-brand Exotic gauntlets; every class has a set.

    Shinobu's Vow [Curse of Osiris]

  • Tricks: Improved Skip Grenade, one additional skip grenade charge.
  • Returning from D1 to give Hunters the chance to role play as Oprah. You get a grenade! And YOU get a grenade! Delightful.

Exotic Hunter leg armour

Trousers! Or for our American friends, pants! Poor old everyone else in the English speaking world has to deal with your linguistic barrier and accept that sometimes the things we think mean underwear don't, and vice versa. Anyway, there are four Exotic leg armour pieces for Hunters in Destiny 2 as of Curse of Osiris, and we already know which one we like best.

    Lucky Pants

  • Illegally Modded Holster: Increases Hand Cannon ready speed and initial accuracy.
  • A deliberately funny name, we suspect: this is the Exotic you wear on date night. See the above comment on churros and chocolate sauce for an explanation as to why these make our mouths water.

    Orpheus Rig

  • Uncanny Arrows: Provides ability energy for each enemy tethered by Shadowshot anchors.
  • Used well in PvE, these provide infinite Super, for you and your allies. Combine with Moebius Quiver for best results.

    Gemini Jester [Curse of Osiris]

  • Misdirection: Dodging disorients nearby enemies and temporarily removes their radar.
  • Bungie seems determined to make Dodge happen. Could be a good time in the Crucible, if you have the skills to live up to it.


  • Hydraulic Boosters: Increases sprint speed and slide distance. Improves jump.
  • Stompies. Stompies. Yes, I want to equip the stompies, and stomp around, jumping and running and generally having a good old Hunter time. These are the pants/trousers/leg covering tubes for me! I hope they make my butt look good.

That's it for now, but we'll make sure to keep you in the loop when later updates add more Exotic armour for your beloved Hunter.

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