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Destiny 2: how to get your Coldheart Exotic trace rifle, Kill-Trackers Ghost and other pre-order and bonus goodies

Destiny 2 obscures a lot of information - if you're wondering where those nice preorder bonuses you were entitled to went, we've got you covered.

As part of our Destiny 2 guide refresh in advance of this week's PC release, we're happy to give you some advice on one of the most bothersome questions facing new Guardians: where's their pre-order stuff?

Destiny 2 console players were understandably confused and alarmed when they couldn't immediately find all the digital goodies they were promised for buying i, but we've tracked it down.

The executive summary is: get to the Farm and check your Vault, then finish the main Red War story campaign, reach level 20, Destiny 2's first cap, and visit vendors in social spaces. You'll find much of it waiting for you in these two locations.

More specifically, we've got details on where to find each of the missing bits of content people seem to have been looking for. Scroll down to find your missing Destiny 2 pre-order goodies, and let us know if we overlooked something from the frankly messy Destiny 2 pre-order and bonus incentives scheme, so we can track it down for you.

Before we get into this: check that you have entered any codes that came with your copy of Destiny 2, and make sure any connected DLC is installed. If you haven't done that, there's a reason you can't find your stuff!


Coldheart Exotic trace rifle pre-order bonus

Sadly, you can't have the Coldheart Exotic trace rifle right from the start of Destiny 2. In order to obtain this pre-order bonus weapon, you'll have to complete the entire Red War story campaign and also reach level 20.

Only then will Coldheart be waiting for you at the Gunsmith shop. There doesn't seem to be a quest or anything attached to it, though, so you can go ahead and take your new toy into endgame Destiny 2 activities straight away.

If you dismantle the Coldheart, you can grab it again via the Collections section in your Vault - although you may have to infuse it back up to your current Power level, and will lsoe any mods you had installed prior to dismantling it. You can also receive it as a random Exotic engram drop, which is nice.


Kill-Tracker Ghost shell pre-order bonus

Yeah, no, sorry, it's not good news here, either - to get hold of the Kill-Tracker Ghost you'll also have to finish the Red War campaign and be level 20.

Once you get that far, visit the social space and check in with Lord Shaxx to get your goodies. If you accidentally delete this one, you can buy it again for 10 Legendary Shards. It looks like the Ghost perks on it are fixed, so there's no point grabbing multiple copies.

Salute emote bonus

If you were promised a salute or another Legendary emote with your Destiny 2 purchase, good news! You don't actually need to wait very long for this one, for a change. To obtain your emotes, along with a nice collection of common emotes available to everyone, you must progress through Destiny 2's Red War story campaign until you arrive on the Farm for the first time. Since this is literally the only thing you can do when you start Destiny 2 for the first time, it should not be too difficult.

Although most of the vendors are missing on your first visit, your Vault is waiting for you near the central fountain. Can't find it? Bring up your Ghost and use Nav Mode to pinpoint the terminal. For some reason you need to stand a few steps away to actually interact with it.

Once in the Vault, navigate to the Collections tab. Grab whatever emotes you want from here to add them to your inventory; you have to hold down the button till the bar fills, mind.

Close out of the Vault and open your Destiny 2 character screen. On the main equipment page, press down on the D-pad to access the second screen. You can equip whichever emote you like here, and use it in-game with the D-Pad.

If you "stow" emotes from your inventory using the same prompt you'd use to dismantle a piece of equipment, they can be retrieved from the Vault at any time.


Veteran emblems

Returning D1 players may have unlocked a collection of emblems to advertise their status. As with the salute emote above, to collect these you must proceed through the story until you reach the Farm for the first time.

Access your Vault and navigate to the Collections screen. Use the menu on the left to choose the emblems tab. There are two emblem tabs and you may have goodies waiting in both of them. You must hold down the button to add the item to your inventory, and can then equip it by exiting the Vault, opening your character screen, and pressing down on the D-pad to access the appropriate menu.

As with emotes, if you "stow" emblems from your inventory using the same prompt you'd use to dismantle a piece of equipment, they can be retrieved from the Vault at any time.

Limited and Special edition bonuses

Certain Destiny 2 packages came with a Legendary emote, a Cabal-themed emblem and a Legendary sword.

The good news is the emote and emblem are unlocked right away; follow the instructions in the salute and veteran emblems section above to grab them from your Vault and equip them.

The bad news is you'll have to wait till you reach level 20 and finish the Campaign to grab your Legendary sword. Visit the social space and check in with the Postmaster to collect it, labelled as a mysterious package from a benefactor.

PS4 dynamic theme

Ah, an easy one! Navigate to your PS4 Library and open the Destiny 2 info page, then navigate to the PlayStation Store panel. Scroll down to the themes section, then select the dynamic theme to download it, and once downloaded, click again to install. This also applies to the avatar.

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