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Destiny 2 Hunter armour: Survivalist, Heavy and Mobile sets, and where to get them

Destiny 2's meta currently favours some attributes over others. Here's how Hunters can max out their Recovery, Resilience and Mobility stats.

Here's a late addition to our Destiny 2 guide and the third and final of three pages dedicated to custom-tailoring your Destiny 2 build once you reach endgame. This time we're looking at Hunters.

We've talked elsewhere about which armour stat is best in Destiny 2, but there's always room for debate, and it's not immediately obvious how to achieve your goals even once you've made up your mind.

That's where we come in. On this page you'll find a list of every Legendary Hunter armour set in Destiny 2, whether the set favours Recovery (Survivalist), Resilience (Heavy) or Mobility (Mobile), and perhaps most importantly where you can get the damned things. Seriously, getting hold of the Legendaries you need for a specific build is trickier than tracking down all the Exotic Hunter armour.

Once you've cast your eye over the armour stats page linked above and consulted the Crucible Playlist armour spreadsheet to determine what kind of armour you need for each slot, consult the info below to help you chase down the Hunter armour set of your dreams.


How to get Survivalist Hunter armour (Recovery)

As a Hunter, the highest you can crank your recovery is five - or six, with mods. Look - it's not great, is it. The good news is you can do it without throwing Resilience totally in the bin, and since the Hunter is already pretty Mobile, you end up with a pretty decent all-round build. Survivalist armour is probably the way to go in this PvP meta, unless you're happy to play a totally glass rogue, which we don't super recommend.


How to get Heavy Hunter armour (Resilience)

If you're sick of being knocked over by every stray bullet that comes your way, you might consider cranking your Resilience up to an impressive base nine with Heavy armour. Your Recovery will be in the toilet, however, so we'd suggest something more balanced unless this is for a particular PvE encounter where you're really struggling to survive.


How to get Mobile Hunter Armour (mobility)

The Hunter's favoured attribute is the one least beloved of the current PvP meta, except in the hands of absolute experts - so it's difficult to come out strongly for or against without knowing whether you're, you know, pretty good, or absolutely top notch. PvE has little use for this unless you're trying to jump extra high; Mobility doesn't affect sprint speed, see. Anyway, stack it up to ten if you fancy; who are we to stop you.

Hopefully this quick summary helps you track down the pieces you need to build your ultimate Hunter armour set in Destiny 2. Good luck!

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