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Destiny 2: all Titan Sentinel subclass skills and abilities

Destiny 2 goes all Captain America with a new, shield-bearing Titan subclass, the Sentinel.

Destiny 2 bids farewell to the old void subclass, Defender, and replaces it with the Sentinel, a new type of Titan. So you enjoyed throwing hammers around? You're gonna love this shield. As part of our Destiny 2 guide, we'll break down the subclass in full.

The Sentinel's Super, Sentinel Shield, is a versatile roaming ability. While it is active you can run around striking your enemies with melee blows, guarding against incoming damage from the front, and even throwing the shield - whatever you fancy. On base spec you can only throw the shield once, but it does ricochet meaning you can hit multiple targets at once.

The two Titan Sentinel passive skill trees are clearly divided between attack and defence. Code of the Protector is all about creating shields and restoring health, for you and your allies. That's one for tanks and paladin types, and should be great for raids and Nightfalls.

If you're more into blowing stuff up, Code of the Aggressor has abilities that allow you to do more damage more often with super and grenade, especially if you get in among the baddies.

You can learn more about all of this through Arekkz's video below, or scroll down past it to see the full Titan Sentinel skill tree in text form.

This page is part of our Destiny 2 class and subclass guides. Check it out for details on the Sunbreaker and Striker subclasses, as well as information on how to use your Super effectively and combining class powers to maximise DPS.

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    Super: Sentinel Shield
  • Summon a shield of Void Light. While Sentinel Shield is active, press R1 to attack. Hold L2 to guard. Press L1 to perform a Shield Throw.
  • Magnetic Grenade
    A grenade that attaches to enemies and explodes twice.
  • Suppressor Grenade
    An explosive grenade that prevents enemies from using abilities for a short time.
  • Voidwall Grenade
    A grenade that creates a horizontal wall of burning Void Light.
    Class ability: Barrier
  • Towering Barricade
    Press and hold Circle/B to create a large barrier that can be used to reinforce a position with cover from enemy fire.
  • Rally Barricade
    Press and hold Circle/B to create a small barrier that allows you to peek over it while aiming down sights, and which instantly reloads your equipped weapon when you take cover.
    Mobility: Lift
  • High Lift
    Jump while airborne to activate Lift and launch into the air at greater heights.
  • Catapult Lift
    Jump while airborne to activate Lift and launch into the air with a strong initial burst of momentum.
  • Strafe Lift
    Jump while airborne to activate Lift and launch into the air with strong directional control.
    Code of the Protector - passive skill tree 1
  • Defensive Strike
    Kill an enemy with this melee ability to create an overshield around you and nearby allies.
  • Rallying Force
    Melee kills restore health for you and nearby allies.
  • Turn The Tide
    Your Overshield from Defensive Strike lasts longer and increases melee damage and reload speed.
  • Ward Of Dawn
    When Super energy is full, press and hold the top shoulder buttons to create a shielding dome to protect you and your allies.
    Code of the Aggressor - passive skill tree 2
  • In The Trenches
    Kills while surrounded by enemies reduce the cooldown of your Super.
  • Second Shield
    Gain an additional Shield Throw charge while Sentinel Shield is active.
  • Shield Bash
    After sprinting for a short time, use this Melee ability to unleash a devastating Shield Bash that disorients enemies.
  • Superior Arsenal
    Grenade kills recharge your Grenade energy.

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