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Destiny 2: The best grenade launchers for maximum carnage

The best grenade launchers in Destiny 2? Oh yeah, we're calling it: there are some good ones.

Grenade launchers can make or break a Gambit match, frustrate your enemies in the Iron Banner and take care of adds when playing through campaign missions. There aren't as many grenade launchers available as other weapon types - except for Edge Transit, of course - so here's our pick of the best of the bunch.

Skilled PvP veterans will know how to stick a grenade well or time a projectile explosion to wipe out entire teams while the rest of us accidentally blow ourselves up. There are particular rolls to look form, like Spike Grenades, that will make your weapon even more powerful and will devastate rank-and-file enemies and bosses alike.

Grenade launchers might not be the most beloved weapons in Destiny 2, but we're pretty confident that the ones we've picked out will serve you well if you're a fan of lobbing explosives from a distance. We'll keep the Destiny 2: New Light gear separated from the Shadowkeep and Forsaken weapons so you don't waste time hunting the wrong weapons.

Best Destiny 2: New Light grenade launchers


  • Berenger's Memory

Now, the thing about Berenger's Memory is it has the option of Sticky Grenades. These not only attach to enemies; they can be laid on floors or walls and will burst on proximity or after a short delay. This has some very interesting applications including but not limited to: punishing those who rush the power ammo, seeing off Guardians who insist on pursuing you across the map, laying traps on crests in Supremacy, defending Control zones, holding territory against adds in PvP... your imagination is the limit here. Also, it reloads itself when you put it away; pair with Sturm and Drang for a reload-free experience.

  • "Take your place among the company of heroes."
  • View on Destiny Tracker: Berenger's Memory
  • Found in: Io, Gunsmith, Faction and random drop Legendary engrams.
  • Alternative: Unfortunately there's no other Legendary with this perk - but Stampede Mk.32 is a Rare with Sticky Grenades.


  • Play of the Game

Play of the Game has Proximity Grenades, which is a great relief for those who have trouble with this class of weapons. Your projectiles will explode when they land on something - or someone- rather than scudding uselessly across the floor several metres away. It also has Threat Detector, which makes it much more deadly in close quarters - exactly the sort of situation where grenade launchers are preferable to rockets. It's also highly customisable, which rates well with us.

  • "Show no mercy."
  • View on Destiny Tracker: Play of the Game
  • Found in: Crucible engrams
  • Alternative: Again, there's no Legendary with this perk, but look for the Rare Plemusa-B while you farm for the real deal.


  • Flash and Thunder

As unsubtle as they might seem, grenade launchers provide us with an opportunity to inflict status effects. Flash and Thunder has two options for shutting your enemies down. The "Flash" is Blinding Grenades, which are hugely disorienting in PvP and upset mobs in PvE, too. The "Thunder" is Concussion Grenades, which cause a tremendous amount of stagger. Nothing you hit with the latter is going to be doing much for the next few moments, and if it's a human player, they will find it difficult to hit the side of a barn - assuming they even survive. A really interesting weapon, deadly effective in team play and the right hands.

  • "Show them the Light."
  • View on Destiny Tracker: Flash and Thunder
  • Found in: EDZ, Gunsmith, Faction and random drop Legendary engrams.
  • Alternative: Truthteller has Concussion Grenades and is a very similar weapon, with the bonus of Quickdraw.


  • Fighting Lion

Grenade launchers are difficult to use at the best of times, but Fighting Lion is in a class of its own: projectiles only detonate when you release the trigger, meaning you can, with care, lay short-term traps or bounce projectiles around corners before setting them off. It is not easy, but it can be hugely effective, especially as you'll refill the magazine by murdering enemies who take damage from Fighting Lion. Lob one into a mob then quickly pick them off with an assault rifle to skip the reload, rinse and repeat. It also works great with the Titan's reload Barricade ability.

  • “I call it the Zhang Fei. It hits almost as hard as I do.” - Wei Ning
  • View on Destiny Tracker: Fighting Lion
  • Found in: Exotic engrams, Xur inventory
  • Alternative: Prospector is a great PvE DPS weapon, but mostly outclassed by other contenders.

Best Destiny 2: Forsaken Grenade Launchers

  • Wendigo GL3

The Wendigo GL3 is one of the best Pinnacle weapons available in-game, so visit Zavala to pick up the A Gift For The Worthy quest to begin your grind for this powerful Grenade Launcher. It first became available during the Season of Opulence, so it's still a fairly new weapon in the grand scheme of things.

Its unique perk is Explosive Light, where you’ll increase it’s blast radius and damage by picking up Orbs of Light. It also comes with Blinding Grenades as a magazine option, and you can carry up to six grenades enhanced by Explosive Light at any time.

To get it, you’ll have to:

  • Land 1500 final blows with any Grenade Launcher
  • Get 50 Precision final blows with any Grenade Launcher
  • Fill up a progression bar by killing enemies in Strikes

  • The Mountaintop

The Mountaintop’s unique perk is Micro-Missile, which fires a grenade in a straight line and has a massively increased projectile speed. The projectile will also instantly detonate on the environment instead of bouncing like a standard grenade unless you have Sticky Grenades activated.

It's a Crucible Pinnacle weapon and is arguably one of the most difficult to get your hands on. You can check out our Mountaintop guide here, but to get started, have a word with Shaxx and to get started.

  • Edge Transit

Forsaken players will remember fondly the almost guaranteed Edge Transit drops at the end of almost every activity. There are loads of rolls you can acquire for Edge Transit and despite the meme, it's a pretty decent grenade launcher with the right perks. It can roll with Spike Grenades which improve its stability and inflict additional increased damage on direct hits.

You've probably got a dozen or so sitting in your vault, so have a look at the best rolls.

  • Swarm of the Raven

The Swarm of the Raven is an Iron Banner weapon, so you can only get your hands on it every three weeks. It also comes with Spike Grenades and is on par with the Wendigo in terms of sheer power. It deals Void damage and if your fireteam buddy uses the Tractor Cannon Exotic, you'll get a 50% damage buff.

It also does well inside a Well of Radiance, so make sure your team has a varied approach.

Best Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Grenade Launchers

  • Love and Death

The Moon's haunted and there's a powerful new contender on this list. Love and Death can roll with Spike Grenades, Field Prep and Full Court all at once, setting it miles apart from the rest on this list. If you're looking for a powerful addition to your arsenal, you'll want to complete the Essence of Insanity quest.

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Let us know if you've been having a good run with a grenade launcher that's not on this list.

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