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Destiny 2: New Light - how to find Lost Sectors and acquire EDZ cache codes

New Light is the free-to-play version of Destiny 2 that released alongside Shadowkeep, with all of the Year 1 content available for new players and veterans alike.

If you've managed to reach Devrim Kay in the EDZ, you'll probably have picked up a bounty called Lost Territory. To complete it, you'll need to find a few of the Lost Sectors dotted around the map and acquire some cache codes.

Completing bounties will net you some new gear and armour, and the EDZ is the perfect place to get to grips with Destiny's loot and Lost Sector systems.

Where to find Lost Sectors and acquire EDZ cache codes

There are a total of 16 Lost Sectors to discover in the EDZ. In this guide, we'll be focusing on the Atrium and Widow's Walk as they are closest to Devrim's location.

Each Lost Sector is represented on your map by the symbol below. You'll also see it near to the entrance to every Lost Sector across each Destination.

The entrance to the Atrium can be found inside the church, in front of the ramp you jump up to reach Devrim. Walk down the stairs and follow the tunnel until you reach it.

Widow's Walk can be accessed through a door in a building to the left of the church. Again, follow the path around and down until you discover the Lost Sector.

Once inside, fight your way through until you encounter a yellow health bar boss, like a Captain. There will be a chest in the back of the room, and if you approach it before the boss has been defeated, it will ask for a cache code.

To get the cache code, defeat the boss and the loot is yours. Once you've defeated the boss in two different Lost Sectors, the bounty will be complete and you can turn it in to get your reward.

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