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Destiny 2 Exotics: the best armour, the best weapons, and how to get your hands on all of it

Getting your hands on the best Exotic weapons and armour in Destiny 2, and figuring out which loadouts are best suited to you, can be difficult.

Now that we've had a few weeks to wrap up Destiny 2's campaign and start increasing our Power, we're focused on what really matters: tracking down all the rare Exotic loot before Bungie discovers and nerfs whatever tremendous synergies we can build from it.

Helmets, gauntlets, leg and chest armour and even class items are available for those who go on the trail of Destiny 2's Exotics, as are some of the game's very best weapons. Those shiny gold engrams will be your pals. Don't forget that you can infuse them if you really like them; you don't have to abandon a favourite Exotic just because your Power has gone up. Pop it in your vault and come back to it later.


This page is part of our complete Destiny 2 guide, and is subject to change and updates as we explore the release build alongside all of you eager Guardians. Head to the full guide for advice on how to best make use of all this gear once you've got it - the guides there will help you reach a point where you can start hunting down the game's best loot, which is, many would argue, what Destiny 2 is all about.



Follow our advice here and soon your Guardian will be kitted out in the best equipment the game has to offer.

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