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Destiny 2 World Quests and Weapon Quests: get your hands on some very sweet loot

Destiny 2 World Quests are a guaranteed source of - whoops, better put that info under the break. Spoilers for quest rewards below.

In Destiny 2, players who make it through all of the Red War story campaign missions on a particular Destination, and also reach level 20, can embark on four World Quests - one for each Destination in the base game.

As part of our Destiny 2 guide, we'll guide you through every World Quest in the game - and point you at the Exotic Weapon Quests that arise from the majority of them.

If you're ready to dive into a World Quest, having met the conditions outlined above, bring up any Destination map in your Director and look for the dark blue icon with a crown on it. Head to the specified location and activate the mission to begin the World Quest. Each one spans multiple missions and steps.

Let's go get us some of Destiny 2's tastiest loot. Note that in addition to the four World Quests in the base game, Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris adds the Perfect Paradox shotgun Legends Lost World Quest on Mercury. If you own the expansion, bash that link for the details.


European Dead Zone World Quest: Enhance

The European Dead Zone World Quest is your path to one of the most coveted Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 - the MIDA Multi-tool. Returning from D1, this snappy kinetic scout rifle enhances movements speed and is perfect for agile sharpshooters. You'll want to be close to endgame (Power 260) to kick off this quest, which EDZ region vendor Devrim Kay handles. Check in with him to receive the following quest chain.

EDZ World Quest Mission 1: Odd Symptoms

This quest sends you off to investigate Empyrean Fallen, which are tougher versions of our four-armed friends who hang out in the Terminus East Lost Sector. Bring an Arc weapon for best results, and be aware that you'll be fighting in caves and won't have much room for sniping. Along the way you'll need to collect drops from Empyrean Fallen, track down a strange signal in Terminus East, deactivate barriers with elemental charges (orbs), and defeat Canix-5, the Lost Sector boss. Interact with the nearby panel and wait for a bit of Cabal tech to materialise; shoot it to end the first mission.

EDZ World Quest Mission 2: Show and Intel

This is classed as a mission but it just means you have to go report back to Devrim Kay in person.

EDZ World Quest Mission 3: Differential Diagnosis

Arc weapons are useful again here, but the Cabal turn up so bring a Solar option too. This mission sends you into Maevic Square, where you'll encounter a force field. Backtrack and beat up the Fallen in the square, especially the marked Captain, who drops some explosives, Plant these on the force field, then shoot them from a safe distance. You'll need to repeat this process at a second force field, but the third force field can be hacked from a nearby terminal, although this triggers a fight against waves of Fallen and the Servitor Network Runner boss. Use the transmat to reach a new area, and shoot the target cache from a distance before collecting the detritus. Move on to encounter a fourth force field which most be blown up like the first two. Continue to place a flare at the objective marker and activate it to trigger a long battle in which you must destroy four caches guarded by Empryean Fallen, while handling an assault by the Cabal Red Legion. You must take down Commander Kraug and the Fallen Captain named Maliszan to end things.

EDZ World Quest Mission 4: Experimental Treatment

Fallen are the key enemy again here so work that Arc arsenal. Enter the Salt Mines and battle Raxes, an Archon Priest, and his Empyrean troops. Once the battle is over, shoot the caches and collect the ether cores. Exit to Trostland and use the cores at the marked device. Battle the Attendant Servitor, chasing it as it teleports away through the Outskirts and avoiding other enemies if you can. You must take the giant floating eyeball down to complete the quest. At the end of the World Quest Devrim Kay will give you the Legendary weapon MIDA Mini-tool.

EDZ Weapon Quest: MIDA Multi-tool Exotic scout rifle

Having completed Experimental Treatment, visit a social space and speak to the Gunsmith to kick off the associated Exotic Weapon Quest for the MIDA Multi-tool.


Titan World Quest: Enemy of my Enemy

The Titan World Quest eventually brings us to a fascinating new Exotic sidearm, the Rat King, which favours co-op play. Its perks and traits grow more powerful the more of you are using it, so grab two buddies before you start out on this quest and you'll always be able to take advantage of its powers. This is a Power level 220 questline; easier than the EDZ quest, but longer.

Titan World Quest Mission 01: A Visit To Command

This starting mission only requires you to report to Sloane at central command and have a bit of a chat, which is always a treat.

Titan World Quest Mission 02: Data Requisition

Follow your objective towards and through the Tidal Anchor, taking down the Warden Servitor you encounter. When you get inside the building, interact with the terminal to open the nearby doors, then interact with the terminal inside. You'll be swarmed by Hive, including Cursed Thrall, so keep moving. Eventually a group of Acolytes turn up and open the door, so blast through to get out. You'll meet a Wizard you'll need to drop before you reach a door you can scan. Defend the door until it opens, taking enemies out on the stairs, and fight off the remaining enemies after passing through the doors. Battle a few more Hive to reach the upper area and end the mission.

Titan World Quest Mission 03: Report to Sloane

Another easy one; make your way back (or Fast Travel) and chat with Sloane.

Titan World Quest Mission 04: Lighting the Dark

This mission takes you into the Solarium. Battle your way in and interact with the wall terminal, and you'll be able to move deeper into the complex. Inside you'll find another terminal you'll need to hack. Follow the objective through to the Festering Halls, where things kick off with Fallen forces, including a Warden Servitor, battling two Ogres and a group of other Hive units. You can sneak around the fight to reach a force field, then kill the nearby Servitor to pass through. Battle through hordes of Thrall and a scuffle between Hive and Fallen, interact with the terminal to drop another force field. Kill all the baddies, then head into the next room and use the terminal to turn on the reactor.

Titan World Quest Mission 05: Chances and Choices

Sprint into the Solarium avoiding enemies, and take down the Fallen ambush to the north before it can be sprung on you. Keep pushing in the same direction, aiming for the Arboretum (garden sector). You're on the trail of the released Fallen Captain but can't kill him yet. Take down a Servitor to drop a force field, and push on. Repeat with the Warden Servitor at the next force field. There's a huge skirmish in the next area so don't over-commit; pick off the nastiest threats before you push on through. Watch out for Thrall Exploders (souped-up Cursed Thrall) as you clear the room and head for The Pit. Clear the laser-wire traps and Fallen as you advance to take down yet another Servitor and force field. Keep fighting through the open area to drop - ugh - another Servitor and force field. The next encounter includes a Servitor boss, along with exploding Shanks. Moving onwards, let the enemy fight it out a bit before engaging, then clear up as you advance. When you reach the Fallen Captain he's fighting a major Knight, so do yourself a favour and let them go at it while your Super recharges; this is the boss encounter. Note that you can opt not to attack the Fallen Captain, instead saving hime from the Knight, for a tiny bit of interesting dialogue. He won't attack you unless you shoot first.

Titan World Quest Mission 05: At Full Power

Just return and chat with Sloane again for this final step.

Titan Weapon Quest: Rat King Exotic sidearm

Having completed At Full Power, you should find you receive an item drop kicking off a new and pretty challenging quest. Don't worry, we have full details on how to solve the riddles and get the Rat King through its Exotic Weapon Quest.


Nessus World Quest: The Exodus Black

The Nessus World Quest challenges us to help poor old Failsafe out and look into the pretty tragic backstory as a golden age colony ship. Make the effort and you'll find yourself on the receiving end of the weapon combination Sturm and Drang, the former of which is an Exotic hand cannon that makes a perfect pair with the latter, a Legendary sidearm. It's recommended that you have 200 Power before going through these quests.

Nessus World Quest Mission 01: Speak To Failsafe

Activate the mission prompt to have a chat with Failsafe. Head outside and battle a few baddies as you make your way to the signal source. Scan the body, then follow your waypoint through three more sets of corpses. You can ignore any enemies you encounter.

Nessus World Quest Mission 02: Uncovering the Past

After examining the final corpse you can track the signal properly. Head all the way to the Glade of Echoes. A bunch of Fallen swarm in from dropships, but your goal is to find the signal terminal, and then hold out against them and any Vex in the area, too - so you may as well push towards it. Watch for sniper Shanks. Once everything is dead, you'll need to take out major Vex units - a Minotaur, Hobgoblin and a Hydra. After beating these three, you can follow your waypoint to end this mission.

Nessus World Quest Mission 03: The Captain

After activating the mission you'll be guided into a tunnel and then onto a platforming section, where you have to hop across floating rocks behind a weird sort of Harpy - which is harmless, by the way. Soon you'll end up in the dark, fighting stacks of Goblins, Fanatics and Harpies as well as a major Minotaur and a nasty sniping Hobgoblin. Keep following the weird Harpy and hold a plate through attack waves to open a conduit. You'll need to do this four times, staying on the point until the job's done each time. Don't bother wiping every enemy out; move onto the next conduit as soon as a link is established, since everything respawns eventually anyway. With all four links in place, jump across the gap in pursuit of your pal to face the boss - a Gate Lord. Once it's down you can leave via the tunnel or mop up the adds. In the new area you reach, scan the corpse to end the mission.

Nessus World Quest Mission 04: Talk to Failsafe

Nothing tricky here - just check back in with Failsafe for your reward.

Nessus Weapon Quest: Sturm Exotic hand cannon

Ready to move on to the Exotic Weapon Quest? No worries - here's everything you need to know to complete the Sturm and Drang Exotic Weapon quest in Destiny 2.


Io World Quest: King's Shadow

The Io World Quest is triggered by an unusual spike in Taken activity. What could be awaiting us at the end of this fierce series of battles? Right now the answer seems to be the Legendary fusion rifle Manowar ... but we expect an Exotic weapon quest to turn up sooner or later. It's recommended that your Power is 130 or higher before jumping into these missions, which means that by the time you finish the story you should be totally ready to go through them.

Io World Quest Mission 01: The Hunt

The mission starts with exploring Lost Oasis, scanning three objectives. The enemies here are just random spawns, so don't bother with them. Once your scans are done you'll have to take down a Taken pylon, which as usual can only be damaged by getting inside its shield, before battling a Taken Wizard. You'll have to do this twice more with pylons at other locations, then head into the Spine Burrows. There are loads of Taken inside, including a boss Taken Minotaur, but you should take ut the frozen Vex first - they come to live as Taken units if you don't. When everything's dead you can move on to the next mission.

Io World Quest Mission 02: The Conversion

After activating the mission baton, move into the nearby structure, battling Vex and Taken alike. Once it's clear you can move through the rooms to reach a doorway off an upper platform that only opens for this mission. Follow the trail of Taken mess until you reach an area where a Wizard runs away, allowing you to perform a scan. Head outside to Excavation Site II and down into the other cargo bay. Shoot the enemies inside from the door to avoid being swarmed. You an ignore the frozen Vex and just pass through the door blocked by a small Blight, then head into the next area to shoot a larger Blight and a bunch of baddies. The next room is a real mess of horrible Taken units and loads of Goblins shielding them, so remember to focus on the Goblin first and try to take each pair down one by one. When they're down, blast the Blight and move through into the next area to face the boss, a Taken Knight. When it gets low on health groups if adds will join the fun, including Taken Hydras. Once everything is dead, use the terminal to drop the force field and drop carefully back down to ground level. return to the fresh air to end the mission.

Perfect this technique; once you rid the room of the Taken Hydra, it appears again (with Goblins and a Hobgoblin). Circle the perimeter of the room so you can get a better shot on your foes, and look for the different rotating shield arrangement around both Hydras. When the second is slain, access the terminal to remove the barrier. Make a controlled drop down to the entrance chamber, and exit back out to the drill site to conclude this mission.

Io World Quest Mission 03: Asher's Theory

It may be very difficult, but you must talk to Asher. Return to him and try not to cry if he calls you names.

Io World Quest Mission 04: The Army

Climb up to the top of the high ground in this area, and then move onwards to climb around the Pyramidion. The path upwards goes up some small ledges north of the entrance you'd take on the Strike. When you start seeing Taken you know you're on the right track, and will soon come to two floating platforms to hop across. Keep climbing up and around and beating up Taken and you'll reach a portal. It takes you to a huge Taken battle with heaps of different units, eventually culminating in a boss fight with a Taken Knight. After the fight, drop carefully back down to ground level, then move to the Endless Gate area. Work through a skirmish between Vex and Taken, including a Wizard, and move further in clearing threats until you reach the bridge. Another boss Taken Knight awaits you. Escape back across the bridge if things get hairy, and watch for increased, more powerful adds towards the end of his health bar. When the battle is won, shoot the Taken rift inside the Vex warpgate.

Io World Quest Mission 05: Trapped

Return to speak to Asher again. You can do it, Guardian; we believe in you.

Io Weapon Quest

Right now there doesn't seem to be an Exotic weapon quest associated with the Io World Quest, but the story content of the World Quest suggests it may lead into a future update or expansion, and we'd expect to see a pay off either at the next major content drop or in the build up to it.

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