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Destiny 2: all Hunter Nightstalker subclass skills and abilities

Destiny 2 brings back The Taken King's Void Hunter subclass. Hello, Nightstalker two-point-oh.

Bungie kept it as quiet as it could, but the leaks were correct, and Destiny 2 release day has let the cat right out of the bag. There is a third subclass for each class, and yes, it's those good old Taken King favourites. Let's take a look as part of our ongoing Destiny 2 guide series.

The Nightstalker is the last of the three Hunter subclasses you'll unlock in Destiny 2, and you'll find it's worth the wait.

We have full details of the two upgrade paths, and PvP hounds will be pleased to see that the multi-shot Super option is still in place in Destiny 2, but now allows you to fire as many times as you can while your Super bar has any charge left. It takes skill to use this well, but in the right hands it is deadly. You'll want Way of the Pathfinder for that one - which is also where you'll want to hang out if you like to generate orbs for allies.

On the PvE side of things, it looks like the Way of the Trapper is all about controlling the battleground, with increased mobility, an improved radar and two kinds of trap.

Both paths bring back the Smoke Bomb melee, so enjoy beaning your foes in Destiny 2. Both also give you an opportunity to turn invisible. Oh yeah.

Check out the full skill tree below, or see it in video format thanks to Arekkz.

This page is part of our Destiny 2 class and subclass guides. Check it out for details on the Gunslinger and Arcstrider subclasses, as well as information on how to use your Super effectively and combining class powers to maximise DPS.

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    Super: Shadowshot
  • Tether foes with a Void Anchor, slowing, weakening and suppressing them for you and your allies.
  • Vortex Grenade
    Creates a vortex that continually damages enemies caught inside.
  • Spike Grenade
    Attaches to any surface and emits a torrent of damaging Void Light.
  • Voidwall Grenade
    Creates a horizontal wall of burning Void Light.
    Class ability: dodge
  • Marksman Dodge
    Automatically reload your equipped weapon while dodging
  • Gambler's Dodge
    Dodging near enemies generates Melee energy
  • High Jump
    Upgrades Double Jump with even greater height.
  • Strafe Jump
    Upgrades Double Jump with better directional control while in the air.
  • Triple Jump
    Upgrades Double Jump with a third jump.
    Way of the Trapper - passive tree 1
  • Snare Bomb
    Throw a smoke bomb trap from a distance with this Melee Ability. The smoke bomb sticks to surfaces and detonates when enemies are near, slowing and disorienting them.
  • Keen Scout
    Sprint and sneak faster, and gain an enhanced tracker. Tethered enemies are marked for easy tracking.
  • Deadfall
    The Void Anchors fired from Shadowshot become traps and wait for prey. Void Anchors have increased range and last longer.
  • Vanishing Step
    Dodging makes you vanish from sight for a short time.
    Way of the Pathfinder - passive tree 2
  • Vanish in Smoke
    Throw a smoke bomb explosive from a distance with this Melee Ability. The smoke bomb creates a cloud that makes you and nearby allies invisible.
  • Lockdown
    Grenade and smoke effects last twice as long, allowing for strong territorial control and increased damage potential.
  • Heart of the Pack
    Killing tethered enemies creates Orbs of Light and increases Mobility, Recovery, and Resilience for you and nearby allies.
  • Moebius Quiver
    Fire Shadowshot multiple times in rapid succession. Shadowshot deals massive damage against tethered enemies.

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