Metal Gear Solid 5: every rumour & fact here

By Dave Cook, Friday, 6 June 2014 16:00 GMT

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17/03/13 The Phantom Pain: new teaser trailer is genuinely creepy

Mysterious CEO of Moby Dick Studios Joakim Mogren has uploaded a new Phantom Pain teaser video. It’s very creepy, showing two scientist working in a reactor core. There’s a subliminal flash in there too, that features a medical report – presumably Snake’s – and information that nods to Metal Gear Solid 5. Watch it by clicking the link above.

15/03/13 The Phantom Pain video interview confirms FOX Engine’s involvement

Geoff Keighley interviewed Moby Dick Studios CEO Joakim Mogren (a clever anagram of ‘Kojima’, and ‘Ogre’ with two letters in change. The interview is incredible. ‘Mogren’s head is wrapped in bandages, he gives little information, but his reaction when Keighly notices the FOX Engine logo on the guy’s screenshot is pricless. Watch it by clicking above.

06/03/13 MGS Ground Zeroes: Snake actor David Hayter asks fans how they’d feel if he didn’t return

We’re not sure if Hayter is trolling the world, but he asked his Twitter fans just how upset or mad they’d be if he didn’t return to voice Solid Snake going forward. As it happens they wouldn’t be that happy at all. He then sent the results to Kojima’s Twitter feed. What does it all mean? Decide for yourself above.

01/02/13: Kojima interested in PS4′s social aspects

There’s been a lot of speculation as to what formats Ground Zeroes is launching on, and Kojima’s keen interest in the PS4’s social functions has got him talking. With Kojima due to showcase FOX Engine at GDC, could a PS4 announcement be far away?

25/02/13: “!” – The Hideo Kojima Interview

I interviewed Hideo Kojima on the day of Metal Gear Rising: Revengence’s UK launch. We discussed Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes’ mature themes, his fears that it may flop, and how he is approaching the tone of the game moving forward. If you’re a fan of Metal Gear, then you need to check it out via the link above. metal_gear_solid_5_phantom_pain_old_man

22/02/13: Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes will tackle many taboos, may not release in its current state

As part of my Hideo Kojima interview, the series creator explained that he’s worried Metal Gear Solid: Grouns Zeroes may flop due to his increased interest in mature themes. He added that his bosses at Konami may have to ask him some difficult questions surrounding the game’s many taboos. Click the link above to see the full quote.

13/02/13: Kojima will showcase FOX Engine and more of Ground Zeroes at GDC ’13

It’s been a while since we heard from Koji-Pro on its plans for Ground Zeroes, but as it happens Kojima himself will be talking about the game and showing off more of the FOX Engine at GDC ’13 in March. The session is called “Photorealism Through the Eyes of a ‘Fox’ – The Core of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes” and will show off some of the “key components and unique methods” used in the game’s development. According to GDC organizers. The talk will focus on the lighting system, environmental elements, and character realism among other things including the FOX Engine tools. We’ll have more on this as we get it.

20/12/12: Kojima scans his lunchbox into FOX Engine to show off tech.

Hideo Kojima received a lunchbox from Sony to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Metal Gear franchise. It featured edible faces of the series’ characters, and lots of bento goodness. However, before scoffing down his treats, Kojima had his team scan the lunchbox into FOX Engine – a process which he said took two hours – and have Snake hold it. Like so: The room you see above isn’t real, as it has been re-created in FOX Engine to show off how real its imagery can be. Here’s an early shot of the scanned lunchbox: And the final thing: Here’s a closer look at Snake: Not bad huh?

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