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Kojima confirms he will not make Metal Gear Solid games for eternity

Confirming long-held suspicions that Hideo Kojima will not live forever while continuing to make Metal Gear games in perpetuity until humankind becomes extinct, Kojima himself told Xbox Wire that at some point somebody else will be in charge of making new entries in the popular stealth franchise.

"The only thing I can say for certain," Kojima mused, "is that I personally will not be able to carry MGS forward for another 25 years. However, with new talent at the helm guiding the series through each new stage, I can easily imagine a world 25 years from now where a new MGS franchise continues onward into the future."

Kojima is currently 50 years old. Given he's said before that he's done with Metal Gear and that clearly turned out to be not true, it's conceivable that he could live to be 75 while continuing to produce these things. Japan does have the highest overall life expectancy of any nation in the world, and Kojima-san eats what appears to be quality food, judging by his Twitter feed.

You guys think Kojima will stop making MGS without dropping dead during production when he's 87 years old? Do you think the fans would even let him quit?

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