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Palworld Guide: How to become a Pal Master

Get the most out of the wild islands of Palpagos with our Palworld Guide!

Flopie and Daedream floating in Palpagos in Palworld.
Image credit: Pocketpair

Palworld is gaming’s latest and most eye-catching survival-crafting adventure. Set in a wild open world where you catch and tame monsters before nurturing their abilities, battling them with other creatures, and setting them to work in your factories, Palworld is surprisingly deep, full of resources to collect and a lot of mindless fun.

“Pokemon with guns” isn’t a new concept; is Digimon a joke to y’all? But Palworld puts an utterly arresting spin on the idea, fusing some truly dark concepts into its mechanics which play like a ‘best of’ the survival, crafting and open world genres - including systems that are massively reminiscent of Ark: Survival Evolved, Rust and the more recent Zelda games.

However, one thing that all survival games have in common is their tendency to be overwhelming, with under-explained mechanics, obtuse systems and a huge amount of vast open space to explore.

This is where our Palworld guide comes in. We’ve rounded up the most frequently asked questions from Palworld players, explained the most confusing systems and crafted some handy reference materials to escort you through the early hours of the game and beyond.

First, we’ll discuss how to get the most from your Pals in Palworld, including how to fully utilize their unique abilities and have them working at their best.

Then we’ll go over where to find the vital resources which underpin everything you build in Palworld, before delving into how to defeat the toughest bosses and understand key mechanics which can halt your progress.

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