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How to get Coal in Palworld

Looking for Coal? Here’s where to find it.

An area is engulfed in fire in Palworld
Image credit: Pocketpair

Palworld boasts a huge, open world where you can battle and capture Pals that you can then recruit to work on your base or battle alongside you. That said, even with Pals working your base, you’ll still often need to venture out and gather some resources yourself.

One resource which players will eventually need is Coal. This particular resource is rather troublesome to find, but once you know where to look, you’ll have no trouble acquiring Coal in abundance. So without further ado, here’s how to get Coal in Palworld.

How to get Coal in Palworld

To get Coal in Palworld, you’re going to need to venture north of your map and into the Desert biome of the Palpagos Islands, marked on the below map.

A labelled map showing where to find Coal nodes in Palworld
Make your way to the northern Desert to find Coal | Image credit: VG247/Pocketpair

Here, you’ll find large rocks of Coal in abundance that you can mine using a Metal Pickaxe. That said, if you’re travelling all the way to the Desert to acquire the resource, we recommend bringing more than one Pickaxe with you so you can gather as much Coal as possible with each run.

It’s also worth making sure you’ve a flying mount, such as a Nitewing, to help you travel to and from the Desert biome. Depending on where your base is, and we assume its relatively close to your starting area, you’ll be going on quite the trek to reach the Desert.

The player faces a coal node in the Desert biome of Palworld
Coal nodes look similar to stone, but will be darker in colour. | Image credit: VG247/Pocketpair

If you’re still having trouble finding any Coal after reaching the Desert biome, look out for large nodes in the ground that are darker in colour that stone or iron ore. This is the Coal you want to be mining for!

For more on Palworld, be sure to keep an eye on the Sanity levels of your Pals. Additionally, have you considered breeding your Pals and seeing what new Pals you can collect?

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