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How to get nails in Palworld

Nailed it

How to get nails in Palworld is something you’ll need to figure out early on if you want better crafting stations, but like pretty much everything else in Palworld, you’re left to put the pieces together on you’re own.

Nails unlock fairly early in the game, but you'll hve to do a bit of prep work and get the right Pal for the job. Our Palworld nails guide lays out exactly what you need to craft this essential material.

Palworld nails

  • How to get nails in Palworld
  • What are nails for?
  • How to get nails in Palworld

    Palworld nails hide under the technology menu, so if you’re looking for them at your workbench, you won’t find anything there. Nails unlock once you reach player level 10, and they cost one technology point.

    That’s just the start. You need a primitive furnace to make nails, which also unlocks at level 10. This one costs two technology points, though. You’ll earn these points each time you level up, though you can also get some extras by exploring and unlocking new fast travel points.

    Craft your furnace with:

    • 20 wood
    • 50 stone
    • 4 Flame Organ

    You can get flame organs from catching or defeating any fire-type Pal, though since the furnace requires a Pal with the Kindling ability, I recommend catching at least one Foxparks near the second or third fast travel points.

    Now that you’ve sorted your crafting setup, you need the actual ingredients: ingots. And for that, you need ore. If you don’t have any already, head out onto the Windswept Plateau and look for the sparkling rocks with brown flecks. Set to work with your pickaxe to mine however much ore you want.

    Smelt your ore in the furnace, then take the ingots to your workbench. Now you can finally craft your nails.

    Making nails at the bench takes a fair bit of time, longer than it does for most lower-level materials. If you’re in a hurry, make sure to have one or two Pals with the Handiwork ability on hand. Cattiva is an excellent help for this

    What are nails for in Palworld?

    Nails show up in a few crafting recipes, but early on, you’ll need them for the Medieval Medicine Table and mid-tier workbench. The workbench just lets you craft things more quickly. However, since both of these stations are tied to a Pal base quest, it’s a good idea to build them, even if you don’t want them.

    If you're looking for more help in Palworld, check out our Pure Quartz guide, tips for how to beat Grizzbolt, and where to look for High Quality Oil.

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