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Palworld Paldeck: All Pals we've found so far

Here are all the Pals you can look forward to filling your Paldeck with.

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Palworld has finally arrived on Steam and Xbox Game Pass, bringing with it a full Paldeck of monsters to collect and train. It's kind of like a blend of Pokemon and Ark: Survival Evolved, where you not only capture Pals as you strive to complete the Paldeck, but build your very own self-sustaining Pal-powered empire at the same time.

There's definitely something charming about the amount of things you can do using your Pals in Palworld, and the more Pals you discover, the better. You will find many of them possess unique Partner Skills and abilities that will help you out with combat, farming, and just about everything you can imagine. So without further ado, here's all Palworld Pals to look out for as you complete your Paldeck, including B-type Pals.

Paldeck: All Palworld Pals

Paldeck No.NameElementPartner Skill
1LamballNeutralFluffy Shield
2CattivaNeutralCat Helper
3ChikipiNeutralEgg Layer
4LifmunkGrassLifmunk Recoil
5FoxparksFireHuggy Fire
6FuackWaterSurfing Slam
7SparkitElectricStatic Electricity
8TanzeeGrassCheery Rifle
9RoobyFireTiny Spark
10PengulletWater/IcePengullet Cannon
11PenkingWater/IceBrave Sailor
12JolthogElectricJolt Bomb
13GumossGrass/GroundLogging Assistance
14VixyNeutralDig Here!
15HoocratesDarkDark Knowledge
16TeafantWaterSoothing Shower
17DepressoDarkCaffeine Inoculation
18CremisNeutralFluffy Wool
19DaedreamDarkDream Chaser
20RushoarGroundHard Head
22FuddlerGroundOre Detector
23KillamariWaterFried Squid
24MauDarkGold Digger
25CelarayWaterZephyr Glider
26DirehowlNeutralDirehowl Rider
27TocotocoNeutralEggbomb Launcher
28FlopieGrassHelper Bunny
29MozzarinaNeutralMilk Maker
30BristlaGrassPrincess Gaze
31GobfinWaterAngry Shark
32HangyuGroundFlying Trapeze
33MossandaGrassGrenadier Panda
34WoolipopNeutralCandy Pop
35CaprityGrassBerry Picker
36MelpacaNeutralPacapaca Wool
37EikthyrdeerNeutralGuardian of the Forest
38NitewingNeutralTravel Companion
39RibbunnyNeutralSkilled Fingers
40IcineramFire/DarkFlameclaw Hunter
41CinnamothGrassMysterious Scales
42ArsoxFireWarm Body
43DumudGroundSoil Improver
45LeezpunkDarkSixth Sense
46LoupmoonDarkClaws Glistening in the Dark
47GaleclawNeutralGaleclaw Rider
48RobinquillGrassHawk Eye
49GoriratNeutralFull-power Gorilla Mode
50BeegardeGrassWorker Bee
51ElizabeeGrassQueen Bee Command
52GrintaleNeutralPlump Body
54SweepaIceKing of Fluff
55ChilletIce/DragonWriggling Weasel
56UnivoltElectricSwift Deity
57FoxcicleIceAurora Guide
58PyrinFireRed Hare
59ReindrixIceCool Body
60RayhoundElectricJumping Force
61KitsunFireClear Mind
62DazziElectricLady of Lightning
64DinossomGrass/DragonFragrant Dragon
65SurfentWaterSwift Swimmer
66MaraithDarkMessenger of Death
67DigtoiseGroundDrill Crusher
68TombatDarkUltrasonic Sensor
69LovanderNeutralHeart Drain
70FlambelleFireMagma Tears
71VanwyrmFire/DarkAerial Maurader
72BushiFireBrandish Blade
74RagnahawkFireFlame Wing
75KatressDarkGrimoire Collector
76WixenFireLord Fox
77VerdashGrassGrassland Speedster
78VaeletGrassPurification of Gaia
79SibelyxIceSilk Maker
80ElphidranDragonAmicable Holy Dragon
81KelpseaWaterAqua Spout
82AzurobeWater/DragonWaterwing Dance
83CryolinxIceDragon Hunter
84BlazehowlFireHellflame Lion
85RelaxaurusDragonHungry Missile
87PetalliaGrassBlessing of the Flower Spirit
88ReptyroFire/GroundOre-loving Beast
89KingpacaNeutralKing of Muscles
90MammorestGrassGaia Crusher
91WumpoIceGuardian of the Snowy Mountain
92WarsectGrass/GroundHard Armor
93FenglopeNeutralWind and Clouds
94FelbatDarkLife Steal
95QuivernDragonSky Dragon's Affection
96BlazamutFireMagma Kaiser
97HelzephyrDarkWings of Death
98AstegonDark/DragonBlack Ankylosaur
99MenastingGround/DarkSteel Scorpion
100AnubisGroundGuardian of the Desert
101JormuntideDragon/WaterStormbringer Sea Dragon
102SuzakuFireWings of Fire
103GrizzboltElectricYellow Tank
104LyleenGrassHarvest Goddess
105FalerisFireScorching Predator
106OrserkElectricFerocious Thunder Dragon
107ShadowbeakDarkModified DNA
108PaladiusNeutralHoly Knight of the Firmament
109NecromusDarkDark Knight of the Abyss
110FrostallionIceIce Steed
111JetragonDragonAerial Missile

All B type Palworld Pals

Paldeck No.NameElementPartner Skill
12BJolthod CrystIceCold Bomb
24BMau CrystIceGold Digger
31BGobfin IgnisFireAngry Shark
32BHangyu CrystIceWinter Trapeze
33BMossanda LuxElectricGrenadier Panda
37BEikthyrdeer TerraGroundGuardian of the Golden Forest
40BIncineram NoctDarkDarkclaw Hunter
45BLeezpunk IgnisFireSixth Sense
48BRobinquill TerraGrass/GroundHawk Eye
58BPyrin NoctFire/DarkBlack Hare
64BDinossom LuxDragon/ElectricThunder Dragon
65BSurfent TerraGroundSand Swimmer
71BVanwyrm CrystIce/DarkAerial Marauder
80BElphidran AquaDragon/WaterAmicable Water Dragon
81BKelpsea IgnisFireLava Spout
84BBlazehowl NoctFire/DarkDarkflame Lion
85BRelaxaurus LuxDragon/ElectricMissile Party
86BBroncherry AquaWater/GrassOveraffectionate
88BIce ReptyroIce/GroundIce-loving Beast
89BIce KingpacaIceKing of Muscles
90BMammorest CrystIceIce Crusher)
91BWumpo BotanGrassGuardian of the Grassy Fields
101BJormuntide IgnisDragon/FireStormbringer Lava Dragon
102BSuzaku AquaWaterWings of Water
104BLyleen NoctDarkGoddess of the Tranquil Light

For more on Palworld, be sure to take a look at the work suitability of your Pals, how to keep their Sanity levels high, and how you can breed them to discover all-new Pals!

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