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How to rest Pals in Palworld

Here's how to ensure your Pals get some much-needed rest.

Three Pals, Chikipi, Cattiva, and Lamball look down on the player in Palworld
Image credit: Pocketpair

Palworld is blasting onto the monster-collecting scene, blending those mechanics with the survival-crafting genre to bring you a game in which you can start your own capitalist empire with Pals as your gun-wielding, hard-working employees.

It’s definitely a bit of a fever dream of a game, but it is real, and those Pals of yours can die if you aren’t careful. To keep them in top condition, you’ll want to regularly feed them, and make sure that you’re resting them. Here’s how to rest Pals in Palworld.

How to rest Pals in Palworld

Sometimes in Palworld, your Pals will need to rest. Pals that have been assigned to work on your base will, fortunately, take themselves off to bed or for a small rest when needed. Just make sure that you have enough Straw Pal Beds in your base for the amount of Pals that you have working, or else they will not have anywhere to sleep.

The player looks at a Cattiva who is resting in the Hot Springs at their base in Palworld
Image credit: VG247/Pocketpair

You can also build structures such as the Hot Springs, which act as a place for Pals to rest and restore their Sanity so that they can continue working for you.

Pals in your party, however, will occasionally need you to manually rest them if they have become incapacitated or downed while out in the overworld or during a boss fight. To do this, you’ll need to return to your base and interact with the Palbox.

The player looks at manually resting an incapacitated Pal at the Palbox in Palworld
Image credit: VG247/Pocketpair

Any incapacitated or downed Pals will glow red. To rest them, you’ll need to return them to the Palbox temporarily. In our experience, playing on Casual, this was ten minutes.

After the time is up, you can go ahead and retrieve your rested Pals and put them back into your party, or back to work!

If your Pal is just low on health or suffereing from a status effect such as Depressed, Weakened, Fracture, or Ulcer, you'll need medicines for them. These can first be crafted at a Medieval Medicine Bench, which you'll unlock in the Technology Tree after reaching Level 12.

For more on Palword, be sure to take a look at our Pal type-chart so you can see which Pals are best to take into your next battle. On top of that, here’s how to repair tools, as they degrade quite quickly!

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