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How to get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

If you want the Egg Incubator or Grappling Gun, you’re going to need to get some Ancient Technology Points first.

Pals are shown working on production lines in a base in Palworld
Image credit: Pocketpair

Palworld is packed with items and structures for you and your diligent, hard-working Pals to craft, but some of these structures will be locked behind the Technology Tree. What’s more is that not all items are locked behind your usual Technology Points either; some require Ancient Technology Points.

Ancient Technology Points will net you some great gear in Palworld. They are needed to unlock things such as the Egg Incubator, Pal Essence Condensor, and more, but how do you get these points? To clear up any confusion, we’ve detailed how to get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld.

How to get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

Ancient Technology Points are fortunately not too difficult to track down in Palworld, but actually acquiring them can be a bit of a feat. To get your hands on them, you will need to defeat a Palworld boss for the first time; any further attempts of that boss will not net you any new Ancient Technology Points.

The Technology Tree in Palworld is shown
Ancient Technology is in the purple section of your Technology Tree. | Image credit: VG247/Pocketpair

Not to be confused with the blue Technology Points (which you earn from Great Eagle Statues), Ancient Technology Points are purple in colour. On top of that, some boss fights will grant you more Ancient Technology Points than others. Here are the different bosses that you can earn them from:

  • Tower bosses - These bosses are found in large towers across the map, featuring bosses such as Zoe and Grizzbolt.
  • Sealed Realm Alpha Pal bosses - These bosses are found in the overworld dungeons that are often labelled as Sealed Realms, and marked on your map once discovered.
  • Dungeon Alpha Pal bosses - You’ll also find Dungeons that appear as caves in the overworld. At the end of these dungeons there is usually an Alpha Pal boss to defeat.
  • Overworld Alpha Pal bosses - These are sizable Pals found in the overworld, such as Chillet and Mammorest, and will also be marked on your map one discovered. Not every large, roaming Pal is an Alpha Pal boss, though; when you spot one that is a boss, its name will appear in red on the top of your screen.
The player faces an Elphidran Alpha Pal boss in the overworld in Palworld
Alpha Pal bosses will appear in the overworld like this Elphidran. | Image credit: VG247/Pocketpair

As previously mentioned, once you defeat a boss, you’ll receive Ancient Technology Points. Any further attempts at defeating that boss will not get you any additional Ancient Technology Points, but you can farm them for resources and Ancient Civilisation Parts.

For more on Palworld, take a look at our guide to Palworld multiplayer. Additionally, have you tried breeding your Pals yet? It’s worth doing as you can discover new Pals to fill out that Paldeck of yours.

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