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How to treat Palworld status effects

Whether it's Sprains, Ulcers, or Depression getting your Pals down, here’s how to treat all of Palworld’s status effects.

The player pets a large Pal in a snowy biome in Palworld
Image credit: Pocketpair

Believe it or not, when you capture a bunch of Pals and begin putting them to work in Palworld, they can quite easily become unwell. While it's easy to be a neglectful Pal tamer and shove any weakened Pals back into the Palbox, you can actually treat your poorly Pals' status effects.

Whether it's a Sprain from logging too hard or being Overfull from spending too much time eating rather than working, there are ways in which you can help treat your Pals ailments. If you need a helping hand getting your Pals back to being hard at work, here’s how to treat Palworld status effects.

How to treat Palworld status effects

In Palworld, there are nine different status effects that your Pals can become afflicted with, and you’ll need a Medieval Medicine Workbench at a minimum to craft medicine for them.

The recipe for a Medieval Medicine Workbench is shown via the Technology Tree in Palworld
Image credit: VG247/Pocketpair

The Medieval Medicine Workbench is unlocked at Level 12 of the Technology Tree, and will require 30x Wood, 10x Paldium Fragments, and 5x Nails to craft.

With that built, here’s a rundown of each ailment and exactly how to cure your Pal of it.


Sometimes, Pals will catch a cold. Fortunately, all you need to cure your Pals of Colds is Low Grade Medical Supplies.

These can be crafted at a Medieval Medicine Workbench using 2x Horns and 5x Red Berries. Additionally, Flopie and Lifmunk have a chance of dropping them when killed out in the wild.


It’s hard work logging or mining at your base all day, and sometimes your Pals will wind up with Sprains. You can treat these in the same way that you would a Cold, and that’s by using Low Grade Medical Supplies.

An Eikthyrdeer with a Sprain is shown in the Palbox in Palworld
Image credit: VG247/Pocketpair


Fractures are a little more serious than Sprains, so Low Grade Medical Supplies will not do the job here.

Instead, you’ll need Medical Supplies, which can be crafted at a Medieval Medicine Workbench using 1x Bone, 3x Ingots, and 3x Horns.


Ulcers are treated in the same way as Fractures, and that’s by giving your Pal some standard Medical Supplies.


Sometimes, your Pals will have eyes a little too big for their bellies and will eat until they’re Overfull. This status effect isn’t too much to worry about, but you can get your Overfull Pals back to normal by giving them Low Grade Medical Supplies.


Some Pals will become starving when they run out of food, and others simply forget to feed themselves. I’ve got multiple full Feed Boxes around my base and yet there will still be Pals who become hungry or starved because they simply refuse to stop working.

When this happens, I recommend picking up your Pal and throwing them at a Feed Box, or you can take a calmer approach and simply feed them yourself.


Weakened Pals aren’t going to be doing so well. They’ll continue to work until they wind up Incapacitated, but their production levels and speed when working won’t be great.

To treat Weakened Pals, you’ll need to give them High Grade Medical Supplies which can be crafted at a Medieval Medicine Workbench using 2x Bones, 5x Ingots, and 5x Horns. You should also probably go a bit easier on them so they don’t wind up Weakened again…


While certainly a bit dark, your Pals can become Depressed while working your base in Palworld, and can you blame them? They’re working from dusk till dawn, and without the right facilities to help their Sanity levels, they’ll quickly become unwell.

To treat Depressed Pals, you’ll need High Grade Medical Supplies. While you’re at it, be sure your Pals have a Hot Springs where they can go and relax in future.


Incapacitated Pals are completely out of action, and they can become Incapacitated while working and while out battling in the wild.

This Pal will not be able to leave its Pal Sphere until it has been revived, and to revive it, you’ll need to place the Pal in the Palbox for a set amount of time. In my experience, this has always been a ten-minute timer before they’re available to work or battle again.

That’s it for treating status effects! For more on Palworld, be sure to try breeding your Pals and hatching their eggs. This is a great way of getting new, diligent workers for your base, as well as a way of discovering new species to pad out your Paldeck with.

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