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How to survive hot temperatures in Palworld with a tropical outfit

Hot, hot, hot.

The player and two Pals approach a statue of Anubis in Palworld
Image credit: Pocketpair

Palworld has launched on Steam and Xbox Game Pass, allowing players to live out their capitalist fantasies with factories entirely run by Pals you have captured and collected. It’s definitely a bizarre concept, but many of us can’t deny that we have wondered, at least once, what ‘Pokemon but dark’ would look like.

With Palworld being a survival-crafting game as much as it is also a monster collector, you’ll need to be looking after yourself while exploring. This means making sure you have food to hand and are protected from the elements. To help you out, here’s how to survive hot temperatures in Palworld.

How to survive hot temperatures in Palworld

As you explore the Palapagos Islands in Palworld, you’ll find that some biomes have varying climates, with some being way too hot for your character to handle.

Fortunately, you can easily counter the sweltering heat after earning a few levels and unlocking the Tropical Outfit. The Tropical Outfit is unlocked at Level 9 of the Technology Tree, and then can be crafted at a Workbench using the following resources:

  • 3x Cloth (made with Fiber at a Workbench)
  • 2x Flame Organ (acquired by defeating Fire-type pals)

When it comes to keeping yourself protected in hot climates, the Tropical Outfit will have you covered. Just be sure to repair it at a Repair Bench if it gets damaged!

For more on Palworld, keep our Pal type-chart to hand to help you when taking on tough fights. Additionally, be sure to keep on top of your Pal’s Sanity levels by resting them and feeding them.

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