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Best LEGO Fortnite seeds

From a seed, your LEGO Fortnite world can bloom into a sprawling adventure!

LEGO versions of the Brite Bomber, Fishstick, Peely, Cuddle Team Leader, Raven and Beef Boss Fortnite skins
Image credit: LEGO/Fortnite
Update: We came back from our long winter's nap and added some of the best new seed recommendations we picked up from the good folks over on the LEGO Fortnite subreddit during the Christmas holidays!

LEGO Fortnite is an immersive experience that combines the constructive creativity of LEGO with the endless excitement of Fortnite. It’s a survival-crafting game, similar to Minecraft, so while there's still plenty to learn, setting up a new homestead for yourself and getting started isn't too difficult.

That said, however, you will still want to check out the best LEGO Fortnite seeds before getting started. Seeds can determine what your world is like, and can help you with getting the best possible start for your new world. So, here's our list of the best Lego Fortnite seeds and what they do.

Best LEGO Fortnite seeds

After shopping around for LEGO Fortnite seeds, we've found a few that we think are good fun to start a world with.


This particular seed - 1227435455 - is one that we've been using, and it's shaped up to be a pretty good place to start for players. You'll start in the Grasslands biome, of course, but you'll have the Frostlands biome to your north and the Dry Desert biome to your south.

On top of that, there are plenty of caves to discover around the starting area, so you can line your pockets with Knotroot and Marble quite quickly.


This seed - 542354756 - is courtesy of YouTuber, AciDic BliTzz. You'll spawn in the Grasslands biome and will find plenty of abandoned towers and buildings near your spawn, meaning you can get started and immediately loot plenty of buildings for some random but useful resources. You can even turn one of the abandoned structures into your bustling village with ease.


The next seed - 2057675991 - comes from another YouTuber, Versilify. You'll spawn in the Grasslands with plenty of caves surrounding you, and to the south will be the Dry Desert biome where you can easily acquire things such as Blast Powder and Flexwood.

On top of that, a brief trip to the east and you'll find yourself near plenty of Frostlands, too. Building somewhere between the biomes is ideal for gathering plenty of resources from each.


An ideal seed for beginners to LEGO Fortnite, the 0546842765 seed from YouTuber, Easy Earl, is full of resources. Spawning in the Grasslands, you'll immediately be surrounding by plenty of logs, crops, and nearby caves. So, you'll have everything you need in abundance to get started building a village.

You'll also only be a short distance from the Frostlands biome, where you can get plenty more resources required for later in the game, such as Frostpine.


Also from Easy Earl, the 0645045373 seed is another great seed for beginners. You'll once again spawn in the Grasslands biome in an area that is covered in essential resources such as wood and granite, while also only being a short distance from the Frostlands biome.

There are plenty of caves nearby for farming more resources like Marble and Knotroot, as well as plenty of abandoned buildings to also go ahead and loot from.


For those who want a world seed that will spit them out near the Dry Desert biome, the 0505050505 seed - also from AciDic BliTzz - will do just that. As per usual, you'll spawn in the Grasslands biome, but just a short walk north is loads of desert. So, you can build the desert village of your dreams or farm as much Flexwood and Copper that you can carry.


One of the most-upvoted seeds on u/LEGOfortnite right now, this one was uncovered by u/Pizzarazzi. The spawn point is a highly desirable bit of real-estate, since you can actually see both the Dry Desert and the Frostlands biomes from the nearest hilltop, with a large lake and a cave close at hand as well. Bonus points for the lake being an amusing anatomical shape, if you're into that sort of humour.


Sticking with Redditor recommendations for a second, u/NeuroticPixels is doing some fabulous work cataloguing a wide variety of seeds and assessing their potential. Their pick of the 50+ they've tried so far is this one, which much like the above, has a short travel time to all biomes and major natural features. They also note that there are several houses and other structures visible from the spawn point, as well as cows and sheep in the immediate vicinity.


I can guarantee you that someone out there is already a LEGO Fortnite pro who's looking for a next-level survival challenge. Well, this seed — courtesty of Reddit user u/ErikLehnsherr24005 — could be for you. The grasslands area where you spawn is small and surrounded by vast expanses of frost biome; and while survival within your pocket of sanctuary is theoretically possible, figuring out how to make it out into the wider map is a much tougher challenge than this game usually poses at the very start.

What are LEGO Fortnite seeds?

LEGO Fortnite seeds are a code you input when creating a new game session that starts your character in a specific world rather than a randomly generated one.

It’s one of the advanced settings you can change when creating a new world, above where you can toggle enemies on or off and decide on different survival elements like hunger, temperature and PvP.

What do LEGO Fortnite seeds do?

LEGO Fortnite seeds are useful for a variety of reasons. Firstly, from a gameplay point of view, players will be able to share seeds from worlds which have lots of rare resources or have lots of good items near the starting spawn to give you a solid head start.

From a seed you can guarantee a good distribution of biomes; there's icy, desert and grass lands. Or maybe you don’t want that? Maybe you want to build a snowy winter wonderland, or role-play in a Wild West desert? With seeds you can make sure that you get the landscape you need.

However, perhaps an even more fun use for seeds is that you can share the code with your friends or the wider community. By using a LEGO Fortnite seed, you and your friends can play on exactly the same starting point, even if you’re not playing in the same game session.

Or, even more excitingly, if a creator you like shares their seed then you can play your game in exactly the same world as them and recreate their adventures!

Either way, LEGO Fortnite seeds allow you to eliminate some of the randomness that appears in survival games, letting you have a more consistent or guided experience.

For more on LEGO Fortnite, take a look at how to get resources such as brightcore, copper, and obsidian.

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