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Lego Fortnite players are going full Tears of the Kingdom with their creations

Why walk all the way to that mine when you can fly there?

airship in action in Lego Fortnite
Image credit: Peruunaaa / Epic Games / LEGO

LEGO Fortnite players are going wild for airships. After all, who'd want to climb a mountain or run for ages to a cave when you can just fly there? It seems that same spirit of creativity that ran amok among Zelda engineers in Tears of the Kingdom is having a second wind.

All it takes is a quick glance on any of the community hubs for LEGO Fortnite - be it Reddit, Discord, or Twitter - to find numerous examples of players soaring across the landscape. The way most of these airships work is actually quite simple. You attach boosters to each side of the craft to allow for directional travel, switches to turn these boosters on and off, and finally some balloons to send the thing skyward.

There's a nice selection of airships to check out so far. The simple airship is popular, as are quick video guides on how to make them. From there creators get wilder with it - expanding the surface area of their airship considerably, which allows for better loot transportation.

Finally, some customisation comes into play, with one player having created a pirate airship. They even called it the Flying Dutchman. Perfect.

As referenced in the opening paragraph, the players who jump into these sorts of games always seem to inevitably veer towards creating flying machines! It never takes them long either - with Tears of the Kingdom we saw versitile flying machines all over the place by like day two. With LEGO Fortnite, it was done from day one. There should really be a name for this phenomenon.

Have you created your own LEGO airship? Let us know below, as well as how you've personalized your own creation. That's kind of the point, after all.

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