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LEGO Fortnite recipe list

Fortnite's new survival-and-crafting mode is all about making stuff!

The grill menu in LEGO Fortnite, with the recipe for crafting Grilled Meat open on the page.
Image credit: VG247 / Epic Games

LEGO Fortnite is a new crossover game mode themed around survival, and as such, learning and making new recipes forms a huge part of the gameplay. Unlocking better recipes as you advance into more difficult and dangerous terrain can quite literally make-or-break your exploration attempts.

Whether it's a hearty meal or a set of sturdy tools, it helps to know exactly what resources you need in order to begin crafting the item you want. Refer to our LEGO Fortnite recipe list for a comprehensive look at everything you can make and what you need to gather first.

LEGO Fortnite cooking recipe list

While you can get by on a diet of raw pumpkins, raspberries, and even corn in LEGO Fortnite, you'll gain more benefits from cooking up a proper recipe, made using one of the three cooking stations you can craft in the game:

Recipe Name Ingredients Crafting Equipment Buff
Bread Egg x2, Flour x2 Oven Hearts (10), Hunger (10)
Corn on the Cob Corn x1 Grill Hearts (3), Hunger (5), Stamina Regen Boost (2 mins)
Fried Egg Egg x2 Grill Hearts (5), Hunger (8), Stamina Regen Boost (2 mins)
Fruit Pie Flour x1, Raspberry x1, Snowberry x1, Slap Berry x3 Oven Hearts (15), Hunger (8), Stamina Regen Boost (2 mins)
Grilled Meat Meat x1 Grill Hearts (2), Hunger (8)
Meat Pie Egg x1, Flour x1, Meat x1 Oven Hearts (20), Extra Hearts (4), Hunger (20)
Pizza Cheese x1, Flour x2, Meat x1, Spicy Pepper x3 Oven Hearts (25), Extra Hearts (5), Hunger (20)
Pumpkin Pie Flour x1, Pumpkin x1 Oven Hearts (10), Hunger (20), Stamina Regen Boost (2 mins)
Slap Juice Slap Berry x2 Juicer Extra Hearts (3), Hunger (5), Stamina Regen Boost (2 mins)
Slurp Juice Raspberry x2, Slurp Mushroom x2 Juicer Hunger (5), Health Regen Boost (5 mins)
Snowberry Shake 1x Milk, 5x Snowberry Juicer Hearts (12), Hunger (5), Heat Resistance (10 mins)
Spicy Burger Flour x1, Meat x1, Spicy Pepper x1 Grill Extra Hearts (4), Hunger (10), Cold Resistance (10 mins)

For more details on how to grow crops and how to cook and eat food in LEGO Fortnite, be sure to check out our dedicated guides!

LEGO Fortnite crafting bench recipes

At your Crafting Bench, you can make plenty of tools and charms to help fending off enemies and gathering resources much easier.

Item Recipe Crafting Bench upgrade requirement
Common Forest Axe 5x wood, 2x granite Common
Common Pickaxe 5x wood Common
Common Torch 3x wood, 3x vines Common
Common Crossbow 5x wooden rod, 1x cord Common
Arrows 1x wood, 1x feather Common
Common Shortsword 1x plank, 3x knotroot rod Common
Common Shield 5x planks, 1x cord Common
Common Health Charm 3x bone, 3x wolf claw, 3x silk thread Common
Common Shovel 1x plank, 3x wooden rod Common
Uncommon Forest Axe 3x bones, 3x wooden rods Uncommon
Uncommon Pickaxe 3x bone, 3x knotroot rod Uncommon
Uncommon Shovel 1x plank, 3x knotroot rod Uncommon
Uncommon Longsword 5x knotroot rods Uncommon
Uncommon Crossbow 8x knotroot rod, 1x drawstring Uncommon
Uncommon Shield 8x flexwood rods, 3x cords Uncommon
Uncommon Health Charm 1x marble, 1x shell, 3x silk thread Uncommon
Uncommon Cool Headed Charm 3x sand shell, 3x silk thread, 1x marble Uncommon
Uncommon Hearty Totem 5x cut amber, 5x sand shells, 5x sand claws, 3x wool thread Uncommon
Dynamite 4x blast powder, 3x knotroot rod Uncommon
Rare Forest Axe 5x cut amber, 3x knotroot rods Rare
Rare Pickaxe 3x sand claw, 3x flexwood rod Rare
Rare Longsword 12x copper bars Rare
Rare Shovel 8x copper bar Rare
Rare Crossbow 8x flexwood rod, 1x drawstring Rare
Rare Shield 15x copper bar Rare
Grappler 3x copper bar, 3x blast powder, 10x cord Rare
Glider 4x wool fabric, 6x silk fabric, 8x flexwood rod Rare
Rare Health Charm 3x flexwood rod, 3x sand claw, 3x cut amber, 3x wool thread Rare
Rare Inner Fire Charm 3x blast core, 5x cut ruby, 8x brightcore, 3x wool thread Rare
Rare Hearty Totem 3x arctic claws, 3x brute scales, 5x malachite slab, 3x heavy wool Rare
Rare Cool Headed Charm 1x sand brute scale, 3x malachite slab, 5x frost shells, 3x heavy wool thread Rare
Rare Charm of Resilience 5x copper bar, 5x obsidian slabs, 10x sand shells, 3x wool thread Rare
Rare Good Luck Charm 5x rough amber, 5x rough sapphire, 5x rough ruby, 3x heavy wool thread Rare
Rare Regeneration Charm 3x brute scales, 5x copper bar, 10x rough amber, 3x wool thread Rare
Rare Totem of the Immortal 5x cut amber, 5x obsidian slabs, 1x sand brute scale, 3x wool thread Rare
Epic Forest Axe 3x copper bar, 3x knotroot rod Epic
Epic Pickaxe 5x frostpine rod, 5x obsidian slab Epic
Epic Longsword 12x iron bars Epic
Epic Crossbow 8x frostpine rod, 1x drawstring, 3x iron bar Epic
Epic Shield 25x iron bars Epic
Epic Shovel 8x iron bar Epic
Epic Health Charm 3x brute scales, 3x arctic claws, 5x iron bars, 3x heavy wool thread Epic
Epic Regeneration Charm 1x frost brute scale, 3x heavy wool, 5x cut sapphire, 5x cursed bones Epic
Epic Charm of Resilience 5x iron bars, 5x malachite slabs, 5x cursed bones, 3x heavy wool thread Epic
Epic Inner Fire Charm 1x frost brute scale, 10x blast cores, 30x brightcore, 3x heavy wool thread Epic

How to unlock more recipes in LEGO Fortnite

There are three main ways to unlock new recipes in LEGO Fortnite:

  • Collect different types of raw materials for the first time.
  • Construct different types of crafting station.
  • Make recipes you already know to gain access to improved versions.

You'll begin the game with only the most basic recipes unlocked, but continue exploring and progressing and you'll find yourself in possession of some powerful upgraded versions in no time!

Crafting high-end recipes isn't possible until you've got a firm grasp on the basis, so be sure to check out our guide to building a campfire in LEGO Fortnite and how to grow crops in LEGO Fortnite to get you started!

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