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How to cook food and eat in LEGO Fortnite

Whether it's for healing, hunger or just the fun of a good meal, here's how to cook in LEGO Fortnite!

The building menu in LEGO Fortnite constructing a Grill for cooking food
Image credit: Fortnite/VG247

There are loads of different uses for cooking in LEGO Fortnite: healing, hunger and giving stat boosts to your character.

Right as you jump into your own LEGO Fortnite world, it can be overwhelming to try and understand all of the systems, especially with the need for survival bearing down on you, so here's everything you need to know about how to cook in LEGO Fortnite.

How to cook in LEGO Fortnite

To cook in LEGO Fortnite, you need two things: a cooking station and ingredients.

Power Chord collecting some corn to cook in LEGO Fortnite
Corn is a great basic food in LEGO Fortnite | Image credit: Fortnite/VG247

Ingredients are easy enough to find. You can use corn that's often found in Grassland areas, as well as meat that you get from defeating critters. You can also get things like egg and milk by befriending chickens and cows, and can find seeds to grow your own crops with.

Once you've got something you want to cook, you need to build a Grill to cook it on. Later down the line, you can also make a Juicer and an Oven to chef up plenty of other cooking recipes.

The building menu in LEGO Fortnite constructing a Grill for cooking food
Place a Grill wherever you want! | Image credit: Fortnite/VG247

After you've unlocked the recipe by building a Crafting Bench, use 30 Granite to place a Grill wherever you want in your town.

Unlike a workbench, you can still use a Grill when it's raining, so don't worry too much about placement.

To cook something:

  • Press "Square" or "X" to interact with the Grill
  • Then "X" or "A" to select the recipe you want
  • Now press up on the d-pad to deposit ingredients individually, or quick deposit all of them if you wish
  • A yellow bar will now run across the screen as your food cooks, which you can collect when it's ready
The cooking screen in LEGO Fortnite processing some Corn on the Cob
Cooking great meals is a matter of waiting | Image credit: Fortnite/VG247

How to eat in LEGO Fortnite

Now it's time to eat the delicious food you've cooked!

This method also works for uncooked food items like Pumpkins too.

  • Press up on the d-pad while you're walking around to open your inventory
  • Select the cooked food you want to eat and press "Square" or "X" to add it to your quick bar
  • Press "L1" and "R1" or "LB" and "RB" to select the food item in your quick bar, then pres "R2" or "RT" to eat it

Scoffing the food will have a few different effects. If you have missing hearts, the food will heal you. It will also fill up your hunger meter in the top left-hand corner of the screen if you're hungry.

Finally, if the food item has any special effects, your character will get there. For example, cooked Corn on the Cob gives your character a stamina/speed boost.

For more on this new survival crafting adventure, check out our page on LEGO Fortnite Seeds, how you can get planks and wooden rods, and how to survive the cold!

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