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How to make planks and wooden rods in LEGO Fortnite

Sturdy planks and strong wooden rods are always useful!

Power Chord placing a lumber mill for crafting planks in LEGO Fortnite
Image credit: Fortnite/VG247

Wooden planks are a fundamental resource in LEGO Fortnite. They’re not just the building blocks that prop up your buildings, but are vital for crafting useful equipment as well.

Then you also have the similar, but different, wooden rods. While they’re not as easy to define, they’re just as important. wooden rods are, again, not just used in building construction, but also make tools and weapons like swords.

As you first start your adventure in LEGO Fortnite, it can be tough to wrap your head around the different moving parts of the often complicated systems.

But to help out, here’s how to make planks and wooden rods.

How to make planks and wooden rods in LEGO Fortnite

You need a lumber mill station to make planks in LEGO Fortnite.

Upgrade your village by offering 15 wood and 15 granite to a village square to unlock the lumber mill recipe, then build the station using 8 wood and 15 granite.

Power Chord placing a lumber mill for crafting planks in LEGO Fortnite
Image credit: Fortnite/VG247

Now that you have a lumber mill, you can feed normal wood into it for processing.

Press “X” or “A” on either planks or wooden rod to select your desired resource, then press up on the d-pad to feed wood into the machine.

As the yellow bar fills across the screen it will produce planks or rods based on how much wood you added at the start of the process.

Once they’re done, press “Triangle” or “Y” to collect the spoils, then take them off to build something else. Whether that’s a new building, furniture, a weapon, or another upgrade for your village is up to you!

Planks are also used for upgrading your workbench, which unlocks all sorts of new recipes.

But for more on this new survival crafting adventure, check out our pages on LEGO Fortnite seeds and how to befriend animals and critters.

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