Nintendo Q1 Financials 2010

Nintendo Q1: Cash collapses, global software dates updated, DS hardware down 45%

Nintendo’s shown big drops in both profit and sales for the period ending June 30, with the company making a loss for the period.

10 years ago

Nintendo Q1 Financials 2010 headlines

  • Nintendo profits plummet in Q1 as Wii comes off boil

    Nintendo’s just released a nasty set of Q1 financials, showing a 40.1 percent drop in overall sales and a 60.6 percent drop in profits for the three months ending June 30.Net income was down to ¥42 billion compared to ¥107 billion in Q1 2009. Sales fell to ¥253 billion from ¥423 billion a year ago.Wii […]

    11 years ago