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With only days remaining before the Wii U servers shut down, a player managed to beat a Super Mario Maker level thought to be impossible

The online servers for both the Wii U and 3DS shut down tomorrow, April 8.

Image credit: Nintendo

The Super Mario Maker community has been collectively working towards beating an impossible level, and it seems that someone has managed to do it.

Last year, following the closure of the 3DS and Wii U eShops, Nintendo announced that it would also be shutting down online services for both consoles. That day is soon upon us, as from tomorrow, April 8, it will be impossible to play any game online, including classics like Splatoon and Super Mario Maker. While the former has Splatoon 2 and 3 to fall back on, the Super Mario Maker community has been working to try and get every fan-made level completed before the servers shutdown. Team 0% has been working on this specifically, but there was one big problem, a level by the name of Trimming the Herbs.

The level itself is technically only 17 seconds long, but it requires ridiculously tight reflexes. After around 280,000 attempts, it actually came to light that the level's creator hadn't even beaten it, a prerequisite to submit the level online. It turns out that the creator had used tool-assisted speedrun techniques, meaning it might very well have been impossible for an actual person to beat. That did mean that Team 0% had technically already beaten every level humanly possible, but of course some players were still determined to beat Trimming the Herbs anyway.

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And just the other day, Super Mario Maker player sanyx91smm2 managed to clear it in 13 seconds. You can check out the feat above, which includes a lot of heavy breathing as the player struggled to believe they'd actually achieved what they had. While only a short clip, it's still a ridiculously impressive accomplishment, and a testament to the community for getting it done with days to spare.

It is still a shame that so many classic titles will no longer have full functionality, and is another weird attempt by Nintendo to stop people from being able to enjoy its large catalogue of games.

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