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Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow Fishing Rod locations

Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow have seas full of unique water Pokemon waiting to be fished up with the Old Rod, Good Rod and Super Rod!

An old fishing rod next to Blastoise on the front cover of Pokemon Blue.
Image credit: Nintendo/VG247

Everyone loves water Pokemon. Whether it's the majestic Vaporeon, graceful Lapras or mighty Blastoise - who is obviously the best starter - every squad needs at least one drippy teammate to make a splash on their final team.

However, when it comes to filling out your Pokedex, some Pokemon can only be dredged up from the deep with the help of a fishing rod. This gives you access to some great team members, including Krabby - who's one of the best HM users because it can learn Surf, Strength and Cut - and Cloyster, who has access to the OP Clamp move in Generation 1.

Red receiving the Super Rod from the Fishing Guru in Pokemon Red.
Image credit: Nintendo/VG247

The fishing rods are also vital tools if you're doing a Nuzlocke run of these classic games, giving you extra encounters in cities with patches of water but no grass, or letting you swap an otherwise underwhelming encounter for a better water Pokemon.

In these early games though, the fishing rods are extremely easy to miss. The Super Rod in particular is in a completely optional area that you could quite easily avoid altogether. The other two Rods are found in some of Kanto's main cities. However, they're hidden away in otherwise unassuming houses that you wouldn't think to check inside unless you're the kind of person that talks to every NPC.

Here's where to track down the Old Rod, Good Rod and Super Rod in Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow.

Pokemon Red/Blue Fishing Rod locations

Fishing Rod Name: Location: Pokemon fished:
Old Rod Building next to the Pokemon Center in Vermillion City. Level 5 Magikarp
Good Rod Building next to the Warden’s House, to the right of the Pokemon Center in Fuschia City. Level 10 Water-type Pokemon
Super Rod House halfway through Route 12, which can be accessed by going down from Lavender Town past the Snorlax or right and up from Fuschia City, past the collection of trainers Level 15 Water-type Pokemon

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