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Somebody managed to get inside the Fortnite cube, aaaand it's empty

Fortnite's mysterious cube has been bested, and it has diddly squat inside.

Last week, following a liberal zapping of lightning bolts in Paradise Palms, a giant purple cube appeared in Fortnite's desert. Someone has already managed to worm their way inside, and in the second most disappointing cube reveal in video games, it proved to be empty. Which isn't a huge surprise at this stage.

The cube clearly isn't meant to be penetrated, so it would have been a shocker to find anything interesting inside.

Reddit user Gsonicify and pals make their way inside the cube, but they didn't have time to experiment because of the impending storm.

We Managed to get inside it (and it was as expected) from r/FortNiteBR

"It looked like my friend bumped into me right as I was bouncing up. Somehow this fucked up the Cube's physics and it let me pass through," he wrote on the thread. "After that for some reason the collision with it was also pretty messed up."

He and his friends were playing in Playground Mode, and it doesn't look like they've managed to replicate the glitch and get back inside yet.

You can head over to Gsonicify's YouTube channel to watch the video with audio.

The cube heralds the coming of Season 6, and since it materialised, it's been rolling its way across the map, going who knows where.

The current theories on the Cube's trajectory include Loot Lake, Salty Springs, and Pleasant Park. You can keep up with its movements on this handy page, created by FortniteBR.

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