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Fortnite: Score a basket on different hoops - All Basketball court locations

Let's shoot some hoops! Here’s how to score a basket on five different hoops, including a map of the basketball court locations you need to complete this challenge in Fortnite.

To tick this off your list, you’ll have to equip the basketball toy in an emote slot from your locker - it’s unlocked at tier 13 on the season 5 Battle Pass. You then use it in-game as you would an emote.

Another thing to remember: To score five different times you have to visit five different courts. You can't score at both ends of a court and have it count for two.

Score a basket on different hoops - all basketball locations:

There are nine basketball hoop locations that are widely known at the moment. Five on the western side of the map, one in the middle, and three in the east.

As for actually scoring a basket, I’ve found the most success by standing just behind half court on the edge, or just outside of, the centre circle and aiming directly at the rim of the basket and slightly to the right. This ends up being about nine or ten meters away from the hoop.

You can find basketball hoops at the following locations:

  • There’s a basketball hoop on the eastern side of Junk Junction in the northwest of the map. To score at this one I stood back past the pile of rubble, right next to the pile of junk facing the hoop. Then I aimed at the rim and slightly to the right.
  • The next basketball court is at Snobby Shores in the garden of the second house from the north. Here I stood on the edge of the centre circle just behind half court, aimed at the rim and slightly to the right for both sides.
  • There’s another court to the west of the unnamed area with the indoor soccer pitch. To score I used the same spot at the back of the centre circle for both sides.
  • You can find another court on a raised platform in the northwest of Tilted Towers. You can score on both sides by standing at the back of the centre circle again and aiming at the rim of the basket.
  • There’s a court in the northeast of Greasy Grove. For this one I had to stand outside the centre circle behind half court to score by aiming at the rim.
  • On top of the mountain to the south of Salty Springs there’s a house. To the west of this house there’s a single hoop.
  • In the South of Retail Row there’s another court. For this one I had to stand just outside the back of the centre circle and aim at the rim of the basket.
  • There’s a single basket the east of Retail Row in the unnamed picnic area.
  • In the northeast of Paradise Palms you can find another single hoop.

If any more hoops show up we’ll add them to the list.

Alternative Basketball hoop locations:

As for hoops that aren't on the map above, you can find another one in the northeast of the unnamed shipping container area that's between Tomato Town and Retail Row.

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