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Fortnite's Guided Missile turn speed goes up the higher your frame-rate is

Players have seemingly discovered a bit of an issue with the new and improved Guided Missile in Fortnite.

The Guided Missile, which returned to Fortnite with patch v5.10 last week, has completely changed in the months since it first became available.

For one, Epic now sees it as a scouting device more than a damage dealer. As such, its damage, fuse time and turning speed were reduced. But, as one player recently discovered, said turning speed can be improved the higher your game frame-rate is.

This is strictly a PC issue, of course, given that most players can get a higher frame-rate by turning down a few graphical settings, or upgrading their PC hardware. According to Reddit user SwordofFlames, the Guided Missile has a much sharper turn radius if your frame-rate is high enough.

In the video, the user showed the turn speed at 60fps compared to 160fps. Their findings were corroborated by other players in the same thread.

PSA: The Guided Missile will turn sharper if you turn up the FPS in your video settings. from r/FortNiteBR

SwordofFlames also said that using WASD and arrow keys to control the rocket also increases its speed, but not many people were able to replicate this particular claim. At this stage, it's not clear if the speed increase has something to do with game physics behaviour in high frame-rates.

Many games' physics run at specific frame-rates that don't play nice when the overall game frame-rate increases. Some racing games, for instance, increase vehicle speed dramatically the higher the frame-rate.

This issue, however, could simply be a bug and not necessarily related to physics update rate. Regardless, you can probably take advantage of it now while you can, assuming you can push Fortnite to these ridiculous frame-rates on your setup.

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