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Fortnite: Dance Off with another player near Loot Lake

Everybody dance now! It’s time to boogie down with a stranger in search of Battle Stars. Here’s what we know about the Dance off with another player near Loot Lake challenge in this week of Fortnite.

Dance off with another player near Loot Lake:

This challenge is a little mysterious right now. At lot of people are saying that you’ll need to head over to where the four player disco ball dance floor was in season 4 on the western bank of Loot Lake.

The problem with that theory is that dance floor isn’t in the game anymore, so that’s definitely not where you have to go.

Right now, the best working theory that we have is that you'll just have to use a dance emote within the Loot Lake area while near another player - easy peasy.

Once the challenge drops and we know for sure we'll update this page with all the info you need.

What we know for certain though is that the High Stakes Fortnite event kicked off with the Getaway LTM.

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