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Fortnite High Stakes: challenges guide and tips - here's how to claim the new crowbar pickaxe

Spin the wheel and chance your luck, here’s how to complete the new High Stakes challenges in Fortnite and get away with the new crowbar pickaxe.

After a quiet couple of weeks on the challenge front, Fortnite have struck back with a vault full of new tasks to crack. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is not actually all that impossible - but involves playing the new Getaway LTM.

Fortnite High Stakes Challenges:

The High Stakes Fortnite challenges revolve around the brand-new Getaway LTM. In the LTM, squads of four players drop in to try and pull off a bank heist. Four safes are hidden around the map and each team has to try and hunt one down. Once you’ve lifted a Llama jewel from a safe, you have to battle your way to an extraction zone to make off with the loot.

  • Play matches in the Getaway Limited Time Mode - 10
  • As straightforward as they come, jump into matches and when they’re completed you’ll be credited with progress towards the completion of this first High Stakes challenge. Your reward for playing ten matches is 5,000 juicy XP.

  • Deal damage to Jewel-carrying opponents - 500
  • This is a little tougher, because everyone will be gunning for the same players. 500 damage is equivalent to five eliminations with no shield and two-and-a-half with full shield. The saving grace here is that you don’t have to deal all the damage during the same match. Concentrate on dealing any damage you can and it’ll quickly add up. Automatic weapons are always great for these kind of challenges, since you can tag players with multiple shots and their high rate-of-fire mean you can rack up hits even in team-shoot situations. For ticking off this challenge, you get a new spray featuring card suits.

  • Pick up a Jewel in different Getaway Limited Time Mode matches - 5
  • You’ll have to be quick to get this one squared away, because there’ll be huge competition to grab the treasure in your squad as well as from other players. The only advice here is to be prepared and be quick when you reach the safe. Persevere through and you should be successful. You can also try to grab a jewel that’s already been looted by taking it from an enemy. In these encounters try being more aggressive. If there’s less distance to cover between you and the defeated opponent, then you have a better chance of taking the jewel if you win the gunfight. And for knocking off this final challenge you receive a new trail with cash streaming out behind you.

We’ve only got a couple more weeks of season 5 left and the teases have started. Have you checked out the gravity-defying Fortnite cube yet?

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