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Lost Ark Beginner's guide: Everything you need to know when starting out fresh

Picked up Lost Ark for the first time? Here's a collection of beginner's guides and tips so you have the best experience possible.

Lost Ark has been out for some time now, and has still managed to maintain its grip on the PC MMO community out there with its vast collection of engaging classes, entertaining story, and difficult endgame content. If you’re looking to jump in now, a beginner’s guide is invaluable to making sure you can make it

As such, we’ve compiled a selection of guides that’ll take you through some of Lost Ark’s most important aspects and features. We’ll continue to additional guides to this in the future, so if you’re unsure on a certain topic, pop back and you might find we’ve covered it!

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Lost Ark Class guides and tier list

We’ve got a comprehensive look at all the classes in Lost Ark that’ll give you a good idea on what to pick depending on what content you want to do. In addition, it has a brief overview of how you should build each class too, so it’s a great tool to refer to as you level!

If it’s a more detailed guide that you’re looking for, we’ve written up dedicated pages for some of the more popular classes that you can find below:

Lost Ark levelling and tips you should know

For those starting fresh, we’ve got a full levelling guide that’ll take you through how to power through the early game as fast as possible, so that you can reach the dailies and weeklies present in tier 1 content and above.

In addition, we have a collection of beginner’s tips in article and video form that’ll showcase some of the important information you’ll want to know as you make your way through the game for the first time.

Lost Ark features and mechanics guides

Lost Ark is filled with lots of different subsystems and mechanics that can easily be overlooked, or if you’re powering through the game quickly missed entirely. As such, we wrote up a collection of guides going over many of the key systems so you aren’t confused as you travel through Arkasia.

With all these, you should have no issue starting out in Lost Ark! There’s a lot to take in at the start, but after a while you’ll get to grips with all the different moving parts that make up the Lost Ark experience.

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